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Aicho (Vicky)

Oooh! When I was still in kindergarten (about 5), we had a nun as a teacher, and she had a big bird cage with parakeets and one day we were learning about them, and she let one of them out, and it pooped on the head of one of the boys! :-D

Love the bright and cheery kit! * Crossing her fingers *


Oh that is a lovely collection. My school memories are varied.... from breaktime (recess) to some of my great teachers. In Grade4 and Grade 5 I had the most awesome teachers.... really made school fun... rest of the time I hated school.


Oddly enough I'd forgotten about the 5 little ducks. Perhaps I was too traumatised by a music teacher making a bunch of 15 year olds sing "six little ducks"!!


We used to play this game where you had to jump a piece of elastic, sometimes over it sometimes onto it. I still remember the words

Karen Wilson

What a beautiful collection! Love the colors.

One of my favourite memories was in gr 8, music class. Ms. Kara was our teacher. We had to do "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper and she chose me to do the one solo part and I was terrified!!! But with her help and encouragement, when that pt came in the song, I had no problems going with the flow and it was an amazing experience.

Lorraine M.

Looking forward to the fall issue!

Rose S

I don't have too many memories of art but one of my favourites was of my Grade 6 teacher, Mrs. Margaret Good. She would let us listen to her husband's rehearsal tapes while doing our work and only if we were good. Her husband is one of the Good Brothers.

Love that Piggy tales.


I know this song because of my grandsons. We sang it together when they were little guys. Too cute. Paper is adorable!


Such a cute line!

I remember loving my 3rd grade teacher and I am reminded of her everytime I see my handwriting because my goal in life (at 8) was to write just like her.


School... I remember doing my friend's art projects for her when we were in High School! Art class was mandatory and she hated it (and she wasn't good at it!). I always loved art class. I think the teacher suspected something but she never said anything... =)
I hope to win! It would be great to use for layouts of my son!

Heather H

Very cute collection-would be great for pages of my son.
My first school memories are of preschool. I remember fingerpainting. And I became best friends with a girl name Heather, initially because we thought it was cool we had the same name.

Stephanie Schan

I think about my high school art teacher sometimes - he was the best teacher I ever had!

Amber Scurlock

Love this line! One thing I remember vividly about school (in particular elementary) is always wanting to be the "juice carrier"...haha! That was the person who got to go to the cafeteria by themselves and bring the juice back! =)

Tracy Mittleholtz

One of my favourite memories of school was in grade 7, our teacher, Mr. Cook, gave us a "test" on the first day with 100 questions on it. We had one minute to complete the test. The first question was - "read all of the instructions of this test first". The 100th question (on the back of the sheet) was "write only your name at the top of the first page, and then put your pencil down, you are done!" I have always since that day read all of the instructions before I begin!!

Looking forward to being your winner today!!!

Summer Braxton

This line is just dripping with cuteness. I LOVE it! I vividly remember tucking my purple ruffle dress into my tights after using the bathroom in 4th grade. Ugh.... it was pants from that day on.

Anne Marie B

Oh just love the colors of the Piggy Tales paper!
I remember my counsellor the best I talked to her a lot and she helped me though so much happening in my life at school! Thanks Mde. Cunningham!

Barbara Staradumsky

I remember my high school days the most. I loved school and had a ball!
The Piggy Tales, 5 Little Ducks would be perfect for my grandson's scrapbook pages..so so cute!

Diana Fisher

Yeah, only 6 more days!!! :) I remember Mr. Robinson's 3rd grade class and we had a day where he taught us to make paper. It was so fun!

Janet MacKay

My school memories seemed to mostly around teachers who went to the extra mile to make school special.


I remember spending a lot of time in the library. I think I read every book!


Congrats Heather!
I'll never forget how my "cool" grade 8 brother would sometimes call me to the back of the school bus when it was particularly full to sit with him. I was just a kindergarten baby at the time!
Have a great weekend!


I remember vividly how much I dreaded summer vacations. I attended an international school and everyone would leave to go home for summer, and I was stuck, completely lonely for the entire summer, so school starting was always great.


Love the Piggy Tales paper.

I remember Hallowe'en day when I was in Kindergarten. Everyone walked through the school in their costumes. I had a big brother in Grade 8 and it was so exciting to see him in the halls.


I love that piggy tales paper.
I remember my grade 6 tacher . He taught us the song my Kenny rogers. "The Gambler" we used to love it, and I still remember all the words. Thanks Mr. M.


Thanks for the giveaway - love Piggy Tales so cute.

I have so many great & not so great memories from school after all these years it's amazing they have still stuck with me.....

I vividly remember the day in 4th grade that a new girl came into class half way thru the year. We instantly became inseparable friends and are still best friends to this day 30 years later

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