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Wow, Surprised that I am the first....but I was lucky once being first...I don't scrapbook, but does making cards count? There is something so satisfying putting together a beautiful card to give to someone (and I DO send them!, maybe not always on time....) I love to shop for the gorgeous papers and accents and look at beautiful ideas that others have shared. Thanks so much for this chance for this AMAZING prize package! I have seen some pics and articles about Creative Escape and saw pics of Tim and Heidi's awesome lamps! I would have loved to have seen the incredible projects!

Gina J.

What a great price, thank you for the oppertunity to win it. As always you have great prices, hope I will be the lucky one this time...............


Wow, what a prize package. I love scrapbooking and it has brought a creative outlet to my life that I can share with my family and friends.I love being able to record snippits of our lives for my children before all the little details are lost as we move so quickly through the days.


It has allowed me to remember the little things that would normally be forgotten. And it has kept me sane!


Go Heidi and Bazzill! What a team. I love to see people caring about each other. Great!!!


Scrapbooking changed the way I view things on a daily basis because I save things to scrap, take pictures "just to scrap", it just makes me more aware and Creative Escapeaz sounds like a little bit of heaven!

Amanda D

Scrapbooking is my means to "talk" and get my feelings out onto paper. Sitting down and spending time creating a page is the best therapy you can get!!

June Renee

Wow, what a generous prize...I'm excited to have a chance of winning it. Scrapbooking has changed my life by allowing me to realize that I am creative! When I told my family about my new hobby, my sister looked at me and said, "You don't have a creative bone in your body." But I have proved her wrong over and over! :)


Congrats Bree for winning the paper. What a fabulous gift!!!

How has scrapbooking made a difference in my life? So many way but most important it has brought me closer to my family. Not just my husband and children but my in-laws and parents.

Since starting scrapping I have gotten historic photos of family, as well as the stories that surround them. Everyone is eager to tell their story. My grandparents are not around, but my Aunts and Uncles are filling in their stories for me.

I get calls during the day from family to tell me another tidbit they remember.

I love scrapping. I may not be the most creative or the best, but my crafting comes from a place of love. It includes all my family.


Carole RB

Congrats Bree

Thanks so much for giving us a chance to win this great package.

I mostly make cards but I scrapbook for my nephews. I gives me a chance to weed out photos. It's my way for decluttering without throwing in a garbage can! Their scrapbook makes them happy.

Stephanie Schan

Scrapbooking has introduced me to friends I would never have met and friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life!


WOW!!! This is extremely generous!
Scrapbooking... It allows me to escape from my daily routine. For me, it's therapeutic. It helps remind me how beautiful and fun my friends and family are. Now, my 4 year old daughter has started to scrapbook with me. It's such a beautiful mother-daughter hobby.


Scrapbooking has cheered me when I'm down, both by being creative and when just looking back. It has given me a place to frame my photography, spend money (which is always good) make many friends and let out my hitherto undiscovered creative side.

Summer Braxton

Scrapbooking has exposed me to the talents of so many amazing people.... who have shown overflowing generosity. It shocks me to see how supportive SBers can be even when you're competing in the same contests. Scrapbooking has made me brave and confident.

Jackie W.

I have not scrapbooked much, only a few mini scrapbooks. But when I put together one and give it to someone, like my sister - it just makes me feel like I've done something to make someone happy! To preserve those memories is very important and I do want to do it more often. It's just that I usually go with the more immediate gratification of sending out cards. Thanks for the reflection and the chance to win!


I have to say Scrapbooking has been a source of serenity for me. Not only to I get in a meditative Zone when I am crafting, but I end up with a page that I can put in a book and gift to my children for when they are older.

Have a great weekend,



Scrapbooking has come such a long way! The scrapbooking supplies have become a business tool for me - introducing me to the most creative talent on the planet, most beautiful supplies and an unimaginable amount of inspiration...allowing me to fulfill my own creativity! This is an unbelievable give-away. Thank you for the chance to bring it home!

Victoria Fraser

How has scrapbooking made a difference in my life?

Well, for starters it is my outlet. My one place to loose myself completely. What an escape to be able to leave behind whatever is going on in that moment and be where ever you want to, reliving memories from the past or creating a project for future memories that you can't wait to create.

Secondly it is my therapy. I lost my 3 year old son to cancer in 2007 and scrapbooking our life with him brings this peace of mind. It allows me to remember moments, to cherish memories and to share them with his father, sister, brother and other extended family members and friends. I also make personalized canvases for kids with cancer using photographs of them in the hospital. This allows me to give back by sharing my passion and showing them the beauty in everyday moments.

Lastly is has made me put myself in the spotlight a time or two. Even though I may not complete many of these projects, I can picture them in my mind and I talk about them. About me. There have been more pictures taken of myself for my kids to see when they are older. Hey look...mom does exsists, she isn't just that person behind the camera!

Oh, and I opened a scrapbooking store to share all of this with our community... spreading the bug! Long live scrapbooking!

Michelle W.

Scrapbooking helps me tell the stories that are important, and because I know I'm going to be telling them, I pay much more attention when they are actually happening.
Thanks for the chance to win an amazing prize!

Anne Marie B

Wow scrapbooking has changed my life lots! I am really learning lots about my creative side and love to share it with others. I also feel really good about myself after doing a layout (proud of myself). It really brings my family together when we look at all I have done.

Jen P.

Holy cow! What an amazing giveaway! Scrapbook has changed my life because I've met TONS of new friends through the hobby and it's taught me to take a long hard look at myself and my life and really made me live more consciously.

Blair M.

Wow!!! What an amazing give-away! Scrapbooking has changed my life soooo dramatically. I started scrapbooking, was introduced to Stampin' Up, and I am now a Stampin' Up demonstrator with a downline of 6, an AMAZING group of customers who are also friends and the best creative outlet a girl could ask for! And it all started with a family trip and 7 rolls of fantastic pictures (yes, I said, rolls, we are talking pre-digital here!). The rest, is history!!

Pat Stockall

Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous prize.I do mostly card making but scrapbook special events and occasions in our family.Always nice to remember these events later in life and recall fond memories.


I began scrapbooking several years ago when my father turned "70". My first project was a scrapbook of love for him. My technique has changed in the last few years and my pages are much more detailed but that first book introduced me to a craft I fell in love with hook, line and sinker.


scrapbooking light my life with colors and beautiful memories
thanks for this incredible chance

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