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Yvonne Y

I like to cut up patterned paper, organize them in ziplog bags by type so that I can pull them out for use on quick layouts. This way, I don't have pieces of uncut paper lying around.


Do I have any chance to be picked, not living in America ? Hmmm, anyway, I have only one model of American craft album to store my LO, it's the 12x12 album. I use different page protectors inside, 12x12, 8x11 lanscape (you have to punch new holes) or 8x11 portrait. You get a nice result, like in mini albums when the pages are not all the same size.

Peggy O'Connell

I store my pages in progress in 12x12 ziplock baggies so I can keep all the pieces together until I can finish the page.


Oh love these giveways... my tip for storing my stuff.... I bought a toolbox and converted it... it works wonders for storing all my stuff so that it's ready for on the go... and was a fraction of the price of the scrapbooking totes too! (sorry to the retailers out there!)


Congrats on your win Julie!

My tip would be to start by culling through your supplies. It's much easier to store it if you have sorted it first. :)

Thanks for the chance to win a great prize from a fabulous company.

Cheri Howard

I love American Crafts products...they never disappoint!


I store all my mini acrylic stamps in empty DVD cases. I order them by theme, nature, romance, Christmas etc. To make them easy to find I create a slip in cover with a labelled spine and the stamp designs on the front & back.

Brilliant give away!!! I love AC & great to hear that Pebbles have joined them :)


Storing all my scrapbook and craft items got easy when I came across two huge cabinets at a sale for 10.00 each. I have them filled!!! But everything is separated and neat. At least until I am frantically searching for something! I can close the doors and everything looks great!


I store all my small embellishments in tiny jars that you get from ikea...by color. That way I can see what I need!

Mara Adkins

I try very hard to keep organized, but with so MUCH STUFF it gets very hard. I have drawers and binders and all kinds of things to store my supplies in. I just went through most of it and am going today to donate unwanted supplies to a hospital that helps the cancer children journal their journey. I get my old stuff cleaned out while helping others. How wonderful!


wow! I love American Crafts, especially thier fantastic ribbons:) Storage tip? hmm let me think, right now I reorganize my room and try to find best solutions, I store little things like brads and beads in little plastic containers from tic tac mints:) it's cheap and eco:)


Store your unmounted and clear stamps on sheets or folders made of acetate and create an index of your stamps in a binder. Give each sheet or folder a number and put that corresponding number in your index. The index is a quick way to browse what you have and then quickly find what you need.

Jackie Blais

A while back I bought a cabinet for recycle bins and it works perfect for my stuff , it has 2 doors and a shelf on each side. It works awesome!

Jenny McGee

I keep my scraps in gallon sized ziplock bags by color. Every once in awhile I go through and either purge or try to use up some scraps too.

Janet B

My tip is to always put thinsgs away in their spot right when you are done using them. That way the pile of stuff just won't build up.


I find it is best to sort and put things away as they come into the house. It keeps piles from forming!


sadly, my stuff is everywhere so I probably am not the best one to be giving tips or advice LOL


I find that by keeping my things within reach and in view I am more likey to use them. I have lots of baskets on shelves next to my desk that I can grab quickly when I need them. It makes creating easier for me and clean up easier too.

Heather H

I am pretty new to scrapbooking so I am just starting to figure out how to organize things. I have my scraps of paper in ziplock bags and recently got a little storage unit with small drawers to keep adhesives and inks etc in.
I would love to win this American Crafts giveaway-I could really use a 12 x 12 album.

Chrys Sills

For Scraps of paper, I store them in color families placed into ziplock bags in a Clementine Crate. As soon as Clementines come into season I always purchase a new batch so I have another crate for storing!


Storage is a big problem for me, I have a room full of shelves and cabinets etc but I continue to just use what is only in front of me. It's almost better for me not put anything away otherwise, it doesn't get used!

Cathy S

Extra long pencil boxes from Staples work well for keeping paper borders, like Doodlebug Frills, in one place.


I have all of my scraps in two separate folders... one for pp and one for cs, and they're all sorted by colour. It makes finding the paper you need so much easier! And it helps me use up my scraps :)


Hmm, well, an easy way to address the storage issue is that I go through my supplies once every few months and give stuff away! My rule of thumb is anything I haven't touched in the last year. :) Makes my friends super happy and keeps my area clean!

Michelle W.

I use a a curtain rod on one of my shelves to hang all my alphas. Love being able to see them all.

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