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Cherie Nymeyer

I just love all the inspiration so the more layouts on the blog, the better....something to keep the mojo going!


I love the techniques and inspiration. I'm rather new to scrappin' so I'm still learning. Thanks for a wonderful blog!

Kelly Massman

I love the inspiration! the giveaways are nice, too! The sketches are fun--even if I don't participate! Maybe that will be something new for me this year!


Sketches and layout inspiration are the top of my list!! Although I always look forward to the three T's!
This year part of my resolution is to participate in Project12 , and my girlfriend is as well so we can encourage eachother. Look forward to another fantastic year here on SCT :O)


I like the sketch challenges and I think the blog "schedule" is fabulous as it is!
One thing that would help me is if you had a calendar page for the project 12 challenge so that I can visualize when sketches are released when they are due for the whole year (obviously you wouldn't release all the sketches at once, but maybe just mark when they'll be revealed, and link to the posts when they are). I love the idea of using Project 12 for a wedding album... I'm going to have to see if this will work for me-- one of my goals is to start scrapping my wedding this year.

Lisa S.

I would love to see more two page layouts. How about Two-pager Tuesdays wouldn't that be great!! I love your magazine because you do try to incorporate two pagers, but a day to spotlight them would be wonderful.


How about a layout or sketch chain? Show a layout or sketch and challenge readers to take one or more aspect of the sketch or layout to create a unique layout.


I would love to see some product reviews!

Jen R

I would like to see more card ideas, as well as product reviews. It's always fun to learn about new goodies!

Elizabeth P

more for cards and techniques

Megan A

I love the project 12 idea! just found it this year, but I am totally jumping on board! I love the sketches and the inspiration on the blog, but would also love to see some product reviews or favorites lists. - maybe favorites from some notable names?

tammy kist

easy to follow challenges...when I read the directions on the project 12 challenge, I get confused...I don't know if it's the dates and the overlapping of months or what LOL!


I definitely love the giveaways - though I've never won, I know 2 people who have. Maybe my turn will come up soon!
I love challenges to get started when I'm scrapbooking, whether it's a sketch (my fave), or colour, or product.
You really do so much so well already, yet I get why you feel you want to change things up - keep things fresh. Wish I had more constructive ideas for you.
You know what you could do? You could do a series of posts on how to take things to the next level. How to get published in a magazine. How to be considered for the manufacturers' design teams. How to go from average to leading edge scrapbookers and cardmakers. What is the secret ingredient that most of us are missing?

Steffanie S.

Honestly, I'm fairly new to your blog so can't say I have any suggestions. I plan to become a daily reader and play along with Project 12. So for that, I'm thankful that you're doing it again this year and look forward to all the inspiration!

Eileen Velez

I would love to see more 2 page layouts!!! And more flowers!!!

Tracy Mittleholtz

I would like to see more "reader submissions" you know, the everyday scrapper. and I too, would like to echo Ann on "how to go from the average to leading edge scrapbookesr and cardmakers."

Cynthia B.

My favorite things about this blog and magazine are the inspirational projects, the sketches, and the giveaways and challenges. I'm especially glad that you're continuing Project 12. Ive been on board with it all year -It's a manageable challenge and helps fulfill my need to document daily events without taking a picture everyday.
I'm not really an altered project crafter, so love the layout and card examples. And I'm constantly looking for crafts for my duaghter's girl scout troop, so any kid-friendly projects would be great too. Thanks for all you do for our creativity!

Andi Sexton

First, I love this blog!!! I did Project12 last year and am totally on board this year.

I Love the Technique Tuesdays.

And, I love challenges! If we could do some 'smaller' challenges, quick and easy, simple fun things.. Cards with a theme, or say 'use a circle punch', things like that... things that get me 'creating' more, but that I can also use for a current holiday would be awesome (like, say, Valentines Day cards or gifts)...

Thanks so much for the blog!!!

Summer Braxton

I love this blog, and would like to see more card inspiration.


I love the variety you offer now and since I found you in the middle of last year, I'm really excited about Project 12 this year. Keep up the good work!


I'd love to see more reviews of new products, especially tools. And real reviews, not sponsored "reviews" (if you know what I mean ;)

Amy K

I like your schedule just as it is. The variety always keeps me inspired and the sketches are great too.


I'm a total sketches-scrapbooker, so I would like to see some more.
And I'm definitly going to try and make my own project 12. Love this new sketch!

Cathy Rothwell

I would love to see more mixed media/altered art incorpirated into projects and cards.

Mandie Wade

I love the prizes, LOL! I am always on the look out for great new products that are on the market NOW. I mean really, I'm all for the stuff that's coming out but when I want something, I want it NOW not some far away date :) And I'm going to check out project 12 too! I love double page sketches. I wish MORE people would feature them!!!

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