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OMG! This looks sooo crumptious! And very pretty too! You are talented baker and cake designer. Thanks for posting. Now I want CAKE!

Valorie Matthews

Loved to learn what ombre was thanks!!!!!Cake looks so delicious, what a way to start the day, craving for cake LOL!!!!

Karen Conner

I'd like to eat the Ombre! Yumm! I doubt I could make anything that looks THAT good! LOL


Is Ombre the same basically as monochromatic? Whatever, I want a piece of that cake.

Rea Custer

Yummy example of ombre. Love the dark chocolate center too, awesome contrast.

crafty grandma

Ombre comes from the French word ombrage which means shadow where in this case ombre is degrading colors from darkest to lighest or as someone mentioned monochromatic....all the varying degrees of colors is just beautiful!


This is a layout I did of a manicure I did in ombre on my blog.


Kim Thomas

I love the colors! Thank you for the inspiration. :)

Kimberly Clark

here is my card - thanks for the challenge

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