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I think we are all feeling the heartbreak and tragedy from yesterday's events. It's difficult to move into celebration mode today.... delaying is a great idea.


Very much in agreement! I keep thinking of those Christmas presents that are tucked away for children that won't be here this Christmas and start to cry. Prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

Regina M. Hamilton

I know what you two mean. I'm so heartbroken for all the loses. I can't image what the parents of those little angels are going through. My prayers and thoughts are with them all....

Louise Dubord

I agree. No one is in the mood to celebrate today. If you had trouble writing the post, it meant that it wasn't right. You made the right d├ęcision. Everybody is out of sorts today in the face of this horrific tragedy. Hug your loved ones today. Life is so precious.

Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

My thoughts go out to the families of the innocent children both in Connecticut and Henan Province.


I totally agree with your decision. I couldn't post anything to my blog today either. My heart is too heavy with pain for the all the families suffering from that tragedy. Unbelievable what happened. I have not lost faith in God, but mankind makes me worry.

Melissa Bove

I so agree. What a horrible, sad and tragic event. I am sick to my stomach about it. I can't imagine what the families are going through. So very sad and heartbreaking. May God bless all of the helpless victims and their family, friends and neighbors.


Thank you for caring about others.

Lorna Sampson

You have made a fitting and wise choice to postpone the 12 days of giving. I think most of us have our prayers going out to the families involved in this tragedy. I simply cannot imagine their grief. My heart breaks for them all.

Nancy M

I fully agree; thank you for the decision that you made. Our thoughts, prayers and hearts go out to all those impacted by this terrible tragedy. (Well, we all are impacted, but...)

Susan S

thank you for acknowledging that many many people are grieving - family, friends, strangers alike. My prayers are with those families who lost precious loved ones and for those who did not but will have a different struggle for years to come.

Lisa H

I think is a great decision. What happened was a parent's worst nightmare and a tragedy for the whole community. When I think of what they must be going through my heart breaks for them and for those who's lives were cut short so senselessly.

Marlene O

Thank you for your sensitivity. Yes, I think we are all sick and even though some of us will have children and grandchildren around us at Christmas, our hearts will be with the families in Connecticut. A young girl who lived in Winnipeg and who had just moved to Newtown with her family, was one of those killed.


Thank you for making this decision. My heart is hurting for all those who were affected by this tragedy! Prayers and hugs to all!

Jennifer Reynard

Good for you! I think many of us are struggling with such a horrible senseless act. I know I was in tears many times yesterday, and just can't imagine the impact that this event will have on the family members of those who lost their lives as well as the community. Glad that you are taking the time to share your grief with others in the same situation! Keeping everyone affected in prayer! Jennifer, Calgary

Barbara Staradumsky

I so agree. I've been trying to finish up my Christmas cards and all I can do is think of the poor parents and husbands who are going to have a terribly sad and heartbreaking Christmas. I had to turn off the TV and then I finally decided today is not a day to create...

Shirl Boughner

good call - a time for healing

Cheryl D

I think you have made the right decision. My thoughts are with the families and the first responders who will never be able to forget what they walked into.

Cathy Sobotka

Thank you so much for being sensitive and caring for how others are feeling and what they're going through right now. My spirit is so sad and down because of that terrible tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those affected.


I agree completely. It feels wrong to be celebrating and wishing for material things at this moment. Thank you for echoing what so many of us are feeling right now.

Joanne Travis

Praying for healing and strength for the families and friends in the wake of this devastating tragedy. I can't seem to stop the tears when I think of those sweet innocents. Such a heartbreak.

Melinda T

Same here. My thoughts keep turning to yesterday's events, instead of celebrating and being happy, the families are hurting and mourning. Praying for healing and strength for not just the families affected, but for everyone. There is just so much violence in the world.

Amber M.

It is such a heart-breaking tragedy. As I sat down to enjoy lunch with my husband and two daughters today, I urged them to enjoy every minute we have together and think about and pray for the 25 families who lost a loved one yesterday. May God give them the strength, courage, and support they need to get through this heart-wrenching time.

Patricia Accomando

I pray for strength for all during this difficult time. I know everyone is trying to grasp this tragedy and figure out where normalcy in our day to day lives goes from here. Though we all grieve, I can't even imagine those directly affected...I'll be praying for all.


We all completely understand your reasons for the delay. It is a very emotional and sad day for all. Our thoughts and prayers for those in Newtown....

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