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Katie B

pink headline has more contrast and will be more visible on bookshelves.

Cindy deRosier

I prefer the green!


Pink by a long shot!


Definitely pink! It really stands out more!


The pink stands out over the green, I would definitely go Pink!!

Lisa Federspiel

The pink looks great!


green please spring is coming!


I would say pink! Both look great, but the pink does stand out more against the green background.


The pink just jumps right out at you. I like it better and it seems more balanced. The layout is beautiful and what an adorable young lady!

Kirsten J



Pink. Definitely pink... and I don't like pink usually, but it brings out the colors in the picture more and is more contrasting to the background.

Brenda B.

The pink headline gets my vote. It really draws the eye to the title and then to the layout. Also, the list of featured articles is more eye catching with the green/pink/green/pink pattern. With the green headline, the list of featured articles conflicts visually with the incredibly beautiful and very spring-like layout....I can't wait to see inside this issue!

JoAnn B.

Definitely the pink. It stands out more and matches the layout also.

Jeannine Garner

I like the Green cover the best.

Kathy Martin

Green! Makes the page pop more...since there's lots of pink in it.

Alina Igna

I would go with the green color because the eyes can focus more on the project than on the title.

Janice Harvey

I almost always choose green over pink. Not this time. The pink just msked the whole cover stand up and shout HELLO!

missy k

Pink. I think the Green gets lost a little.

Laura G.

The pink!!! It pops more!

elizabeth rempel

Definitely pink - it stands out more than the green

Shirl Boughner

for sure PINK! a girly colour and blends better with the layout.

Stacy Paterson

I think the PINK pops just a little more!!


Definitely green, as the pink takes the entire look from the rest, and besides it is the spring issue and with spring comming, it has to be the green in my world.

Cheryl Hutcherson


jennifer edwardson

PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK ;)))) love it and adorable layout of Devin Laura !!!!!

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