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Nicole N.

oh my word ! Kelly, you just made my day :) thanks for the shout out my friend :) I love your page - and I can totally see "you" in the photo!


Nicole does do great layering. I love her pages as well. This is just so darn cute, Kelly. I love the color palette and that photo of you... yes, definitely can tell it is you. ;)

Julie Dionne

This is a great story and a beautiful layout. You just gave me a lot of inspiration...!

Johanne L.

Beautiful layout. Love the photo of you and your mother. Thanks for sharing, Johanne L.


Brilliant LO, so love that you used a picture from the past even if it was faded!! 😊

Amber M.

I love that photo of you and your mom, Kelly, and noticed some of the same things you did when I looked at it! And I love that you scrapbooked about your mom! I did my first page about my mom not too long ago ... but I need to do another. Thank you for inspiring me.


Kelly - Great photo, loved the story between you & your Mom. I believe that many gals may have the same type of relationship with their Mom as you do.
What I see when I look at your page, isn't the photo but all the other things on the page. The photo sort of gets lost - which is a shame. But that is just my opinion... which is not meant to offend you by any means. We all have different styles.

Anita Holmes

I also loved reading your story and it jogged some memories for me. I am not a scrapbooker, I did however scrapbook a wedding book for my daughter which was meant for her first anniversary and ended up being for her 5th Anniversary!!! Pretty bad. I love making cards and Albums are my passion, reading your story has made me realize that I don't have to make an entire book but just one page and... I'm going to do it!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration to do this! I have all sorts of ideas running through my head as I am typing this and I think I well head straight into my scrap room ( Happy Room ) and begin ! Thank you!

Barb in AK

The layout is amazing! I love your work, Kelly! And YOU have a happy mother's day, too!
I will be working on a Mother's Day card for my mom today--- wish I had those gorgeous papers that you used ;-)

Donna Rawbone

A gorgeous page. I am making a card for my mom and now also have an idea for her mother's day gift. Thanks for sharing.

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