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Terri armstrong

Oh my! I love all things doodlebug, but this kit is fabulous!! 😍

Krystle Thomas

I love this spring line! My favorite part of spring is seeing the flowers bloom.

Judy R

I love Spring...the warm weather, the chirping birds, and the daffodils! Doodlebug sure got it right!

Sue MacGowan

I love the new flowers in spring!

Amy Cooley

My favorite part of spring is when the grass starts to green up and we have our first mow. It smells wonderful!


Oh my! How darling is this collection!

Sharon P.

For Spring I love it when everything starts to turn green!


My favorite part of spring is the freshness and all the beautiful flowers bursting through the soil. Everything is fresh and new. Doesn't get any better.


This set looks so lovely right now, when it is still a frozen wonderland out my window! My favorite part of spring are the new flowers!

Sandy Clinton

What a beautiful collection that Doodlebug designs have come out with! I love it....and SCT for giving us the chance to win!!! I love spring for the fresh smells, new growth and the chance to begin again with a clean slate!! Fingers crossed! Thanks!

Nylene Budge

I love the colors of the first little crocuses, daffodils and forsythia after a winter of no color and dirty snow in every yard and on every street.

Carmel Schupka

Love love anything Doodlebug!! '


What I like about spring is the colour. After winter the colour is very welcome. The different greens as the trees get their new leaves, the clouds of spring flowers - these are the signs of rebirth.

Shelley E

What a lovely collection and giveaway. My favorite thing about spring are the spring flowers!


My favourite part of spring is watching the trees and flowers come to life and the chance to spend more time outside.


My favorite part about Spring is watching the flower gardens come back to life! I'm already excited seeing the tips of crocus, hyacinths and tulips poking up thru the mulch here in Ohio...about 1 month early! Love these Doodlebug designs! Would love to make Easter cards with them!


The colors! So excited for the rain, too!

J. Lee

I love Doodlebug! Such a cheery line!
Baby animals are one of my favorite things about spring.


Doodlebug always has the cutest collections!

christi Lyn steinbeck

I Love Doodlebug! What I love about SPring is everything is coming awake and just springing to life it is just BEAUTIFUL! The smell in the air is even soooo fresh! Makes you sooo happy to be alive! I LOVE SPRING!

Gail Bolan

I love anything Doodlebug! I love Spring, the birds chirping, flowers blooming and being able to spend more time outdoors. Thanks for the chance to win.



Karen Lingel

Well, around here the rain finally ends by Spring! Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love love love Doodlebug! Please pick me!!!

Brandi R

DoodleBug DoodleBug!!! LOVE DoodleBug!!! What a fabulous prize ♥♥
My favorite thing about Spring....besides the warmer weather is the rebirth that it brings. Love the sights and the sounds of Spring ♥


I live in Alaska so spring comes late and slow. My favorite part of spring is when the whales come back from their winter migration to Hawaii - seeing them never gets old!

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