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Barb macaskill

Great tips! On our only family vacation we have ever taken I actually followed them and we all love looking through the memories that are well documented because of the notes taken while on our trip! It gave me a little down time to take the notes which was so nice! It made me remember to sit back and smell the roses! TFS!


A wonderful keepsake that becomes more valuable thru the years. I have even begun doing a monthly "yearbook" in a similar style. Once you start it becomes a fun habit.

Linda E

What wonderful memories! My dad always kept a trip diary. And, when I was cleaning out my mom's apartment after she passed away, I found it. Like you, it's the handwriting as much as the words that I treasure. For this reason, I try to hand journal on many of my layouts, despite the fact that I don't love my handwriting. I think handwritten journaling will have more meaning to my kids years from now!


travel journals are so awesome. i have done only a few, but hope to do more. great work Susan!

Kelly Crowl

Great article and advice...


Wonderful memories and ideas for travel journaling! Another tip for young children - have pages with a blank space at the top for a picture and lines below for writing a few words, or they can dictate them to an adult or older sibling.


Journaling a trip is a great idea, I also find collecting post cards are great memory joggers also and of course the pics.

Sandy Clinton

So lovely that you have those memories to hold on to. I will have to give this a try!

Greta H

How wonderful you have the journals from your family trips! Looks like AAA copied your mom's planner idea--haha! Must admit, we rely on AAA & I write notes in the margins, but your mom's is so personalized--love it! Paige's travel journal is a stunner--love the bits of gold I see!

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