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Heather H.

Thanks for the tutorial Virginia!!!! This is my favourite punch and I really appreciate learning how to do this :)


This is great!! Thanks!


thanks for this great tutorial...I'm going to give this a try...




That is a too cute card. I love it. Thank for sharing the punch tip. Have a grest one!


The punch is so cool!

Tracey McNeely

Thank you Virginia for sharing this technique with us. I have this punch and have struggled with trying to master a corner. :)

jen t.

love the card! i can't wait to try that technique! jen t.

scrap_hag (Casey Toney)

I wondered how to make a square

Kelly C.

Awesome and very cool useful tip!
Thanks for sharing!

Mary Chong

Yeah Virginia for this great tutorial....I wondered how you did the round corner!!



I saw this punch at Michaels and was thinking of buying it but really didn't know how it worked--these instructions are perfect! I'm going out to pick up this punch. Thanks so much!


Thanks for this tip !



I've wondered a few times how to manage to do what you just showed us, so THANKS a million!! :D

/ Jeanette

Donna C

Whoo hoo ! Now I know what to do with my punch ! You rock for showing us this ! Thanks :-)

Kim Hughes

awesome tutorial...love your darling card!

Patti Martin

OMG! I wondered how to do that and could never figure it out. Tried unsuccessfully and gave up. Just punch two edges at the most. Thank you so much for sharing the link....


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

Gloria Martens

This is a tutorial that really works. Mine came out perfectly on the first try. I have used other tutorials and never been successful. Thanks so much. I got this link from Erika on Scrapbook Obsession blog. GLOANN


How awesome! I had tried to figure this out, but was not coming close! Thanks so much for sharing. :-D


Josée Boileau

Oh I'm so happy that you show us that!!
Thank you so much!!


This is awesome! I've long wanted to achieve that perfect corner but I didn't know how. Thnaks for this great tip!!!


Thank you !

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