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Heather H.

I know!!! I know!!!!!! Are we supposed to post it? I don't want to give it away, but I know and I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!

Love the photos!!!! Love the critters!!!! There's so much to love coming out - my poor wallet!!!!!

Glad you had a safe trip!!!!

Lisa Kisch

Oh, you gotta love winter in the city! lol! Welcome back!


Doodlebug STUFF!!! It's something from them, but all their stuff is sugary sweet, so... hm? what could it be???

Mama Karen

It has to bee something sparkly from doodlebug


Ohhhhh doodlebug!! Awesome!

Cherie Nymeyer

Yummy Doodlebug!! Welcome back ladies!! I was thinking about you coming back to that storm yesterday.

Tracey McNeely

Doodlebug, Doodlebug! I love all of their sugary sweet stuff. You can never have enough Doodlebug product. Can't wait!


Oooooh! I know and it is my FAVE! Fun, fun! Can't wait to see!!!!


Wow. I can't wait for all of these goodies to hit the stores. I don't know what I want first!

Amy Smith

DOODLEBUG!! I love their sugar coated anything and the colors are just yummy!!

Pamela Bennett

I bet it is doodlebug, probably some cool new sugared letters, how sugary sweet


I am guessing...Doodlebug!! So sweet!

Lisa Dickinson

Glad you guys made it in OK! We got in late, but no bad weather - yay! A nap is definitely on order today!

Beth W

And Doodlebug it surely is! I am blown away by the K&Co sneak-it's adorable. I'm not usually fond of their stuff, but I think I have to some of this one.


Welcome home!
Doodlebug is my all-time favorite!


Doodlebug! Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

Stacy C.

Yeah, can't wait to see what you got..

Summer Braxton

I know what it is!!!!!

Jackie W.

Oh, Doodlebug! I love their stuff! Can't wait!

Rose S

I love Doodlebug and anything sugary. Can't wait to see all the new stuff in the stores. Thanks for the previews.


Mmmmm.... Doodlebug... Love it all!

Denise Simms

Sugary and Sweet sounds like something Yummy!
I want to guess Doodlebug but you have an extra O in your clue. Hmmm!


It's Doodlebug, yeah! I love Doodlebug! Thanks.


Woo hoo!! Love Doodlebug!

Glad you had fun ladies and that you made it home safe!!

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