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Wow congrats on 3 years! I just found this blog and am so glad I did. Pick our favorite thing...that is SO amazingly hard! I really enjoyed all the non-scrappy projects! I am a huge fan of creating layouts, but really enjoy new ideas for gifts and altered projects! Thanks!


I love Emily's "I Spy" feature about jouranlling spots...that is usually my biggest challenge on pages, so I love all the ideas and products she suggests!


Congrats to last weeks winner. I don't have this issue yet, but I can't wait to read suggestions for using that ever growing pile of scraps!


I can't wait to really delve into this issue this weekend! But I really like the 3 designer challenge topic! I love seeing how people use the same products and make such different projects. It jump starts my creativity - I never make more than one of the same card. I also love the reader's gallery! Especially with the added "to note" highlights!!


Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Scrapbook & Cards Today!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

What an awesome prize to win!Good luck everyone!
And congrats to Ally again for the So Sketchy part of the magazine.

Danielle Hayward

I love Scrapbook & Cards Today! I keep all of my issues within reach of my scrapbook table for when I need inspiration. When I don't have the physical magazine I download it, which is what I have done with this new spring issue and it's amazing! I love getting to check out all the new and amazing products on the market, it makes me feel creative just looking at them.


Super excited to get my copy of the spring magazine. I love all the inspiration your magazine provides me. Thanks so much!


Melissa B

I love that I can download it instantly when it comes out, and that I can refer to it anytime I am on my computer (without having to worry about looking for the darn thing on the shelf) LOL

Thanks for all your hard work. Your magazine is awesome!


I loved the Three Designer challenge... it was so fun seeing how totally unique each project was. Happy Anniversary!! Thanks so much for all you share and for such an inspiring blog and magazine. This prize is awesome! Here's hoping I win.
((hugs)) Mechelle

Jackie M

I'm so excited for this issue! When I saw the email come in I ran and checked the mailbox and sure enough my first issue of my new subscription was there! Thanks again and Happy Birthday!!

Kerry P.

Happy Birthday! This issue blew me away -- by far the best one ever! You've outdone yourselves. As for a fave thing, I loved all the bits & pieces and how you put them together: the flowers, the rhinestones, the bugs, basically all the embellishments and how cute they all looked in the card samples.


Oh I just love your magazine, the spring issue looks great. I downloaded it right away. I love the "Our 3 designer challenge" and "Got scraps", both articles would be very useful to me. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome blog candy.


I love Your sketches in "So Sketchy". But my favorites would have to be "Spring Salutations" and "The Reader's Gallery" Amazing layouts!!


This is my favourite scrapbooking magazine. Thanks guys!
I love being able to get ideas on using up any bits of leftover paper scraps that I have, since I tend to hoard my leftovers by painfully large amounts.


Hooray! It is a beautiful issue and I'm so excited to have been part of it! Thank you!


I just want to say that I am loving the issue so far and can't wait for a 'real' copy!

I just love the magazine and this site! So inspiring!


Its my first card/scrapbooking magazine I bought, love it. Spring colors are the best.With so many to pick guess I picked the right one.


Congratulations on your 3rd Birthday. Time sure flies quickly! It's a good thing we scrapbook all the days that are flying by.

I love all the butterflies,flowers and circles used in the spring edition of Scrapbook & Cards Today. I can't wait to try some on my scrapbook pages!

Looking forward to many more years and editions of Scrapbook & Cards Today!


I loved the quick photo tip the best. And enjoyed other inspiring projects, too.

Karen Wilson

Wow, what an amazing prize and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I just got my issue and I'm loving the whole thing. I really like the "Got Scraps" pages as it gives me some new ideas. As does the rest of the mag!

Keep up the good work!


first of all, great issue!!! My fav article this month is "what comes around ... comes around" I dont use circles enough in my layouts, and this article gave me some great inspiration

Lan Amphone

I love all the card sketches and examples!


I love the photography tips. I am always looking for ways to improve my photos.


Love the spring colours!!!!


Awesome prize! I already have my S & C issue in hand!! Lots of inspiration to delve into.

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