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Pamela Bennett

Happy 3rd Birthday to Scrapbook and Cards.
I rushed out as early as I could on March 26 to get my New Spring copy of Scrapbook and Cards today. I couldn`t stand to miss one,this is my favourite blog and magazine.
Because of your magazine I have taken an interest in making my own cards, I was always a scrapbooker, until your magazine inspired me to branch out into the unknown. I have made a few and have enjoyed it immensely.Keep up the good work, I look forward to all your subsequent additions of this great magazine and Blog.

Alyssa M

What an awesome giveaway!! I am going right now to read the new issue!

Angie Blom

what a great issue, i am loving all that great butterfly stuff, and the colurs just pop off the pages it makes you want to go and creat something spring. Congrats on your Birthday!! Another great inspiring issue.

Kelly Malacko

I love the spring colours and all the fantastic tips and tricks. The sketches you feature are always a favourite... Thanks for the chance ot win, and the newest issue!


Great new issue of the magazine! Thanks!
I really like the ideas on what to do with scraps. I also love the ideas for Sring cards... soooo cute!

Meagan Crawley

I haven't gotten my new issue yet because I don't live in the city anymore. I sure hope they have some left when I go on the long weekend!!
I am looking forward to the "what goes around, comes around" article. I love circles!! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the new issue :)

Karin G

Layouts, layouts, layouts...love to see all the layouts! Easy, Detailed, Expert is also one of my favourites.


I love seeing all the new trends, paper and gadgets.

Helén Westén

The article about journalin spots, definitely - I love those!


Happy Birthday!!
I loved all the articles in the magazine but the ones i loved the most are "got scraps","spring salutation"(i'm not so good in cardmaking so i found here a lot of inspiration!)and of course the "reader gallery"..
thanks for this chance to win,i'm crossing my fingers!!


oooh, photo tips - always useful. Thanks so much!


I love the Reader's Gallery! Such inspiration!

Connie D.

This issue is as good as every other issue. Just love your magazine ( I have every issue published). The thing I really love about it, other than all the great articles, ideas, and lack of tons of advertising...is the paper. I love how it feels.. I know that's weird, but I do. Anyways, congrats on another great issue!


I really enjoyed all of the issue but if I had to pick one section it would be the got scraps. The cards are all adorable yet easy. Thanks for also including the sketches. I luv to get out an assortment of products and a sketch and just go for it. It's so much more fun to have a basic design in front of me to get me started.
Thanks for a great issue!!!


WOW 3 years already!!!! A big congrats ladies. What a fabulous giveaway... I have been wanting one of these for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity!!!


I like that it came out on my son's second birthday!


I haven't got my issue yet but I've already been working on projects with the awesome sketches. I can't wait to see what else inspires me!


Thanks for the fun ideas of different ways to incorporate circles into my projects. I always enjoy the inspiration that comes from the magazine and the blog.


Beautiful issue! love the sketches and the easy, detailed and expert article!

KarenK in CA

Can't wait to get my issue from my LSS. Looking forward to reading about reuse/recycle!!

Wanita K

The new issue is great! It is sooo hard to pick what I like most but I will have to say the Sketches. I love using them for inspiration when I have a "creative block"!

Samantha Welch

Happy Birthday!! I'll be on the look out for your new issue when I'm out and about :)

Gina J.

Congrats with your 3rd birthday! I hope I'm the lucky one to win the Big shot, my daughter and I have been saving up for one but we're not there yet, so who knows ...
Maybe we're the lucky ones this time.

Kim Kalinich

Can't wait till I have the time to sit quietly and read it!


Happy Birthday! I like the 3 designers take-it is amazing to see the different ways they use the products.

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