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Great tips! :D

Sarah Hodgkinson

Great tips, Kathy! How about I just book you for Great Uncle Edward's 97th party? Then there might be a photo in the world with me in it. LOL!
Kathy, I would love some tips from you on how to get more photos of myself...besides the ones where I hold the camera at the end of my arm. My DH seems to prescribe to the school of "fuzzy and out of focus is good enough" when it comes to taking photos of me. Help!


I always find group shots the most challenging to keep "real." Great tips, Kathy! Thanks so much!

And Happy Canada Day to the folks at SCT! :)


Great tip, I will have to remember that! Especially today as we have a bunch of friends over for a Canada Day celebration. Keep clicking after 3.... ;-)


Great tips! My oldest daughter (26) always makes me count before taking her picture.


Thank you for thaat. I have a feature on my camera to take several shots in a row and used it by accident...and loved the results. I will remember to keep it on from now on. I love those captured moments. Thanks! Happy Canada Day!


What a GREAT tip!!! I will def. try this. THANKS

Kelli P.

I love the tips and the pics! They totally make me laugh! I want to capture some like that.

Heather M.

Awesome tip! I need to try it! Love the photos!

Efrat K

Such a great article! Thank you!

tara thynne

Wow... great tips Kathy. Thanks so much. It's great to have you here. :)


Really great tip about the 1,2,3 and 4 :) I'll definitely try this one this summer!! Thanks!

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