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Sandy L

My greatest challenge always has been, and probably always will be, arrangement. I stink at it. That's why I LOVE magazines for inspiration! TY for this wonderful opportunity to get a subscription that I covet, but cannot afford!

Blair Moch

My greatest challenge it time. I can rarely sit down for long enough to crank out a page or too. I am really slow scrapbooker and I deliberate over the details for hours!!!


My great challenge layely is most definately not having photos I want to scrap.


My biggest challenge is getting over my fear of doing a less than perfect job. I would like to scrap, but don't because I'm afraid it won't 'measure up'. I *know* it shouldn't matter (and doesn't to anyone but me), but it's still there.


My biggest challenge is how to organize things and set up my craft space. I think I always have it set up pretty well . .. then I start a project and everything gets messed up!! Thanks so much for the great prize!! I hope that I'm the lucky winner this week . . . I love SCT!!


My greatest challenge is space! Just when I get an area set aside and it "flows"...I outgrow it!! I like that my stash keeps growing, but my space does not!!


My greatest challenge is that I have so many projects running through my head that there is just not enough time in the day to do them all. (My second biggest challenge is that my one cat wants to scrap too :) )

Laura Whitaker

for me the gretest challenge tends to be, narrowing down the photos that I want to use, tho I am getting better at not needing to scrap evey picture as I did in the early years of scrapping!


My greatest challenge is deciding what products to use to tell my story (then forcing myself to clean it all up afterward)

Barbara Albrecht

my biggest challenge is deciding which pictures then page design...then which papers. I have way to much stuff!

I don't have a source for the actual magazine and would love to have a hard copy subscription!!

Denise Simms

A Big Challenge for me is selecting pp's to go with my photo's and sketch. Sometimes this process takes to long for me.


My greatest challenge when I sit down to scrapbook is the cleanup at the end of creating. It always seems to take forever...


My biggest challenge is putting the page sketch or LO together... I find it quite easy to pick paper and elements I want to use on my page to compliment my photos, but arranging them takes me ages!


I would say my biggest challenge in scrapbooking ( other than space to spread things out), is finding the courage to crop my photos to best advantage - don't want to risk the chance of spoiling them !

Claudia Sohre

Wow, what a great give away.
My challenge is I'm hooked on coordinating two page layouts, yet want each one different. I tend to be a perfectionist!! Have fun in Florida!! Claudia


The hardest part for me is getting a starting point. I rely on sketches and contests to give me a starting point

Mary Hicken

My biggest challenge is sticking to the plan! I have the paper, sketch and idea ready and when I start new ideas creep in and I start all over again, multiple times!!

Jenny M

One of my biggest obstacles to scrapbook, is sitting down to scrapbook. FInding the time and then once started, not getting interrupted. Once I start, sometimes just finding the right supplies to use is challenging. I have so much stuff and I often forget what all I actually have. SO it is a big seek and find.


My biggest challenge is finding the paper to match my pictures.

Ann Davies

I am going to start scrapbooking and think design and colour plays a big part.

saxon r

My challenges are narrowing down my pics and not getting overwhelmed trying to decide what embellishments I should use..oh and saving stuff cause it is too nice!!! Have to stop that!

Carol M.

I'd love a year's subscription to the best crafting magazine (online and in print)in my opinion. Thanks for the chance!

My biggest challenge is organization. I always have to clean up my area just to play. It seems that somewhat my desk is the best spot in the house to "put things".

Rose S

My biggest challenge is finding the time to scrapbook and my own subscription would be awesome and free me up to do more scrapbooking as I wouldn't have to make the 45 minute trip to my LSS to get it.

Kristi Lewis

I guess the fear of failing-thinking I could have done it better.


My hardest challenge is making the first cut in a pretty piece of paper - I usually buy two, one to cut up and one to keep LOL

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