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My biggest challenge is keeping my little guy occupied. He's 3 and wants to help alllll the time. Helping means let's cut paper - any paper, any way.

Tracy Mittleholtz

"What is your greatest challenge when you sit down to scrapbook?"

My biggest challenge is getting my "helpers" (2 & 4 year old)not to be so helpful! They love getting into my scrapbook cart and bag. When I get out to a crop (most Friday evenings at Karen's Creations in Wiarton)I have no trouble!

Candace Robichaud

clearing a spot, finding my scissors and tape runners. lol. I call it organized chaos!

Barb Yurich

my greatest challenge is the artistry of a page. I don't have much artistic ability, but I have an artist's eye- I know what looks good. So mostly, I depend on others for my inspiration...Thanks to all of you for that!!


My greatest challenge is deciding which pp and embellies I want to work with and then finding them! I am in the middle of major clean up and organizing my stash so I can utilize it more effectively! BTW, I have a Canadian friend who sent me the latest 2 copies of your magazine and I ihave found that I LOVE it!! A year subscription would make my whole summer for sure!!


My greatest challenge is to choose the material that better fit with my photo and start combining different paterned papers and embellies. Even if I use a sketch, it is difficult.


It is usually just starting the page. It can take me forever to pick out the just the pics & pp!


My biggest challenge is fitting all the photos I want on one page!


My greatest challenge is finding the time to scrap.

Summer Braxton

Yikes! My biggest challenge in scrapbooking is working fast. I take so long to start and I'm just as slow through the process, too.


STAYING FOCUSSED!!! I let my mind wander...listen to music, turn on the tv. ha ha. it's hard to get into that "zone"...


Often my greatest challenge is finding space to scrapbook. My stash has outgrown my space. Oh, and thanks for the chance to win your mag. I missed out on the last issue. I hate when that happens. :(


My biggest challenge is trying to keep my desk tidy! Thanks for the opportunity.


My greatest challenge is TIME! trying to find time to scrapbooking or card making. But the next challenge would be the sketch to use with the pics I have in front of me. My next challenge is as I am doing well with the lo, I get too worried about being symetrical! But I love what my results bring! Thanks for the chance to win.

Susan K

My greatest challenge would have to be.. getting started. I will get lost looking at my pictures over and over again, then i will clean up my space again, sort through papers and then forget what pictures i was going to do..., so i start all over again :)


My biggest challenge is choosing the paper and embellies to go with my pics. Sometimes I think I have TOO much to choose from!


my greatest challenge is just finding the time to sit down and scrap

Erin Morley

my biggest challenge when I sit down to scrapbook is the layout. I scraplift alot, it just makes things easier for me!

rebecca k

TIME. The only challenge is finding enough of it!!


My biggest challenge is scrapping out of my comfort zone.
I wish everything didn't have to be straight and precise...drives me bonkers!

jan farnworth

my biggest challenge is deciding what sketch and papers to work with. There a lot to choose from. Sometimes it can be easy if a summer layout or holiday themed one. sometimes i just go with no pattern paper then it the choose of how to dress up that plain looking cardstock. Sometimes the journaling is what will stump me i want it to sound awesome not boring.

Jen P.

Honestly the hardest part for me is STARTING ... I'm a huge procrastinator and because it's something for me I tend to put it off to do other more "necessary" things. But boy once I get going, I'm an addict! ;o)
Thanks for the opportunity to win your fabulous magazine!


Making the first cut into a new sheet of paper or cutting into the last scraps of a favourite sheet. I know it's only paper but I think about where to cut it for far too long! :)

Jodi  (jodinjaz)

My biggest challenge is choosing the pictures. I have SO MANY and once it or they are chosen things seem to fall into place with the tools and products I have.

I get the issues mailed to me now, but cannot afford it anymore. I LOVE having it in my hand!! The quality of the magazine is the BEST!!!!

Patty W

Creativity . Sometimes hard to get it going ! And lately, I cannot put pattern papers together! I've been sticking to solid colors !

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