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Lene Tingberg

Finishing. If I don't finish in one sitting it will never be done. It's been proven time and again.


Finding time to actually "sit down" is my problem! I have a very active 3 year old, and she doesn't exactly let mommy scrapbook. But when I do find time, I always feel like I need to gather everything together and leave my room a MESS. And then I remember having the "perfect embellishment" but don't ever remember where I put it! :)


Usually I have a kit or kits (digital) in mind when I scrap so it's a matter of matching the kit with photos in my stash. Then the next hurdle is placement. I find myself moving things around a lot until I get the look and feel that says 'quit you've got it'. Super prize you're giving away!!

Janet Sisk

My greatest challenge is actually find the time TO sit down to work. There is never enough time in the day between work, hubby, and kids. Thanks for a chance to win a year sub to your great mag!
Janet Sisk

Sophia Allison

Please pick me...


my biggest challenge is definitely the journalling, i am terrible at it, but i am practicing hoping to get better.


Lately my biggest challenge is actually SITTING down to do it. I have absolutely no motivation or urge!! I think a magazine to check out would be the perfect cure! no?

Jan Foselli

My biggest challenge when I sit down to scrap is deciding what my LO will look at. I usually have to find a sketch to get me going.

Sheena B

Just sitting down TO scrapbook to begin with...I'm usually caught up with card-making that most of my scrapbooking is done as gifts for others!

Nancy L.

I would love a subscription! Thanks!

Nancy L.

I biggest problem is the "sitting down" part. I seem to only have time to make cards. Having the magazine will def give me inspiration! Thanks!

Erika M

When I sit down to scrapbook, I have a horrible time letting the creative juices flow plus the fact that I'm my own worst critic.


Haha... that all depends on the day... but lately my biggest challenge has been just trying to find my desk under all the STUFF! :) Guess I should get on top of that, huh? :)


would LOVE to win a subscription! Time is always my biggest challenge, but when I have finally found time to sit down and scrap, the next hurdle is making decisions (about colour, design etc.) b/c I'm so wishy washy and don't want to commit just in case i make a mistake. It takes me forever!

Randi Barrett

My biggest challenge is to make the picture that is in my head.


My greatest challange is to find the perfect title. ...or is it knowing when to stop with the embellishments :) ...or maybe...


My biggest challenge is finding the perfect paper for my project. I could spend hours just trying to decide which one would work best with my layout. Thanks for the great prize!!

Robin O

My biggest challenge is focusing - I can get really overwelmed with all my items and it can take me awhile to get going.

Tricia Dee

My biggest challenge besides "just doing it" is organization!


My greatest challenge when I sit down to scrapbook is putting my thoughts on to paper, what's my title going to be, what will I say.

Carol N

I think my biggest challenge is what paper to use with which pictures. I try to work the colors a bit but sometimes it just doesn't come together. Then the layout is second. I do look at other scrappers' work to get inspiration.


Oh, what a great giveaway!!! Would love to get SCT mag in my mailbox!!!! My greatest challenge is the start: selecting the papers/photos and thinking of a design. Once I have that the rest is much more enjoyable! :)

Sharon  Jaeger

My biggest challenge is trying to get all my jumbled ideas under control. I usually want to do too much on one layout. Focus is the key. Once it comes, all is well!

Would love to win this subscription!


The biggest challenge for me is finding the time (I have four small children) and the space (did I mention those little kids I have?). I also get OCD about the "mess" that I make when I scrap!


My greatest challenge would be the fact that I just am not motivated to start scrapbooking. I'm more of a "card maker" and my greatest challenge there would be trying to find the right papers, layout and embellishments to work with the stamps and accessories that I have on hand.

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