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Melinda Wilson

My biggest challenge is having space to do something. My area is so crowded right now but hopefully not for long. I am moving all the scrappy stuff in the next few weeks to a bigger room!


my greatest challenge is finding time to actually sit down to scrapbook!

Cheryl D

I'd have to say my biggest challenge is picking out the embellishments to us on my pages. I always say "Well if I use it now, what happens if I have a layout that it would have looked better on later?" It takes forever to decide what to use on the page.


Glad to know I'm not the only with 'neatness issues'! Cleaning up a space (and removing a cat or two) is the biggest challenge I have in getting to work!

Peggy O'Connell

I am challenged to get the journalling on the page. I am not sure what I want to say or how I want to tell the story behind the pictures.


being organized and having everything in place , I am too OCD when it comes to that.
Even my house has to be spotless :0)


finding a clear spot on my craft table--LOL

Mary Stanwood

My biggest challenge is the mess on my sb table. It's hard to find a spot nowdays!
Mary S.


just getting started! Once I finally do, I can go at it for hours:)


Picking papers! I have too many to choose from and it is overwhelming.


Pictures, papers and embellishment are no problem, but the journaling mainly the title is always difficult.Love the new collections!


Biggest Challenges? Time and organization.

Kim Collee

my greatest challenge is sometmes when i really want to create, no inspiration comes to me, a subscriptio to SCT would totally help when that blockage happens!

Kerry P.

I find that I need to have the entire skeleton of the layout planned out in advance, in my head, or I waste time just sitting and thinking, instead of doing. Also, for someone who is ridiculously organized, I am a really messy scrapper!

laura stewart

definitely journaling


My greatest challenge is getting started. Once I start moving...I do great, but sometimes it's a bit difficult for me to jump start myself.


My biggest challenge seems to be getting the right papers to match my pictures, I am such a perfectionist....it take s me a long time....lol


My biggest challenge tends to be focussing on finishing a page. I have so many photos and ideas that I jump around and nothing gets completed.

Dana. C.

I would say that my biggest challenge is trying to find ways to journal that will not take away from the colour or layout scheme. I feel that journaling really is part and parcel with scapbooking. A picture scrapbooked is just a scrapbook layout but a layout with journaling is a step back in time. It is glimpes back in time of days gone by for those who never experienced that day,that time in place.
So coming up with ways to tactfully journal is my challenge.


My greatest challenge when I sit down to scrapbook is taking everything out all the time. I don't have space to leave everything out, so I carry everything up from the basement everytime I start! What a drag!

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop

Being original. Or should I say, *getting over* the need to be original every time. Why the need to reinvent the wheel each time? There has to be a balance between *artistry* and *productivity.*

The thing is, I can start with another layout as inspiration, and what I end up with is nothing like it!

(and if by some fluke, I win the random draw, can I pass on the sub to someone else?)

Lisa Foust

I would absolutely LOVE a subscription!


My biggest Challenge is to not scrap every picture I have. It is very hard to narrow them down :S

Lisa P

Are you freaking kidding me? What an amazing giveaway!

My biggest challenge when I sit down to scrap is choosing where to place everything once I've gotten over the challenge of choosing patterned paper and color that matches my photos and theme.

Jen R.

My biggest challenge is actually sitting down and then managing to work on my own project instead of helping the kids with their projects.

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