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Janet Olsen

My biggest challenge is finding room and time to scrap. I finally set up a table in the basement so at least I can now sit close to my supplies but now I have to find time. Usually I am so tired by the time the kids go to bed, the creative side wants to go to bed as well!


My biggest challenge is finding the patterned paper for my layout in all my mess of stuff.

Connie Melancon

I would LOVE to win a year subscription! My biggest challenge is how to use pattern paper and ribbon on my LO's.


My biggest challenge is making good use of my time. I frequently take far too long deciding which photos to scrap & which product to use.

Monika Davis

Everything... I often have trouble with colors, lay-out... journeling... and embellishments... I am a cardmaker so scrap booking is really challenging for me.


My biggest challenge is not being too tired in the evening when I finally have time to scrap. I am often sooo full of inspiration during the day and when the evening comes and the kids are finally asleep I'm just too tired to get anything done. That can be very frustrating...

I'd love to win...! Thank you so much for the opportunity...! :)

Connie D

My biggest challenge is staying focussed on my scrapbooking. I usually prepare a page and then let it sit for a while before I decide if I'm really happy with it.

Linda E

Fantastic prize! Someone is going to be very lucky to win this. I would say my biggest challenge when I scrapbook is finding the right picture to tell my story. I tend to take hundreds. LOL!


One of my challeneges is to actually get started on a project. I love looking through all the blogs, etc. for ideas. Right now, I have about 6 cards that I need to make!

Kelly Malacko

I always find it hard to get the time and then when I have the time, it's hard to turn off my brain (stop thinking about work, appointments, supper, etc.) and let my mojo take over.

lee schertzing

My biggest challenge is in sorting and organizing my pictures - it is such a lot of work that I procrastinate and only do up pre-planned pages; however, I took a big step this weekend and put all of my physical pictures back in the albums so I know where they are and I have moved all of my pictures to one computer and one set of folders. I am on my way!!! I love all of the tips that you provide as well as the beautiful pages and news on products!! Currently don't have a subscripton but.... maybe soon??


Well, being a single Mommy of a 4yr old with Autism it would be finding the true dedicated time to do so and the praying that I have the energy and drive at that time. There is nothing worse than feeling like you "HAVE TO" scrapbook right then and there when your heart is not in it because you are just too tired to even use the tape roller.

Denise T

What a great giveaway - haven't had the extra money this year to subscribe.


It's the fear of overloading the page by overly decorating, especially when there is a lot of space to fill on the page.


My challenge is finding products that are smaller scale to be used on mini albums (I mostly work 4x6,6x6,and my all time favorite, 9x9 which can incorporate three 4x6 photos and journaling. Mostly I create digital papers (and lots of other embellishing elements too)for this very reason. I've also been known to take a 12x12 sheet of printed paper, scan it and reprint it at a smaller size - though some of the vibrancy always gets lost in this process.

Heather Garl

My most obvious challenge is time! I just don't have enough of it. Then when I start crafting it goes so quickly and I'm up so late!


What an awesome prize, I would love this!


My biggest challenge is finding a way to put all the elements together after I have selected them! I love this magazine, thanks for a chance to win a subscription.


I think the big challenge for me is find the perfect photo for the layout !!


I think finding the right papers that fit the pictures is the biggest challenge for me.
Thank you so much for the great give away!

Debra MJF

My biggest scrapbooking challenge is the layout. I usually want to say much more than I have room for and need to find clever ways to incorporate all that journalling!

Colleen Mulder-Seward

My biggest challenge is having all the photos organized and printed in the correct size for the layout I want to create.

Tammy Zwarich

My biggest challenge is trying to narrow down all of the fabulous photos and pick a few great ones to capture the moment/event. I love my digital SLR camera -- but I always have way too many great photos to choose from.

Thanks for the chance to win...I would absolutely love S&CT to arrive at my door!

Pamela Bennett

I would love to win this years subscription of Scrapbooking and Cards Today

Heather Hopkins

My greatest challenge is choosing what papers to use. Colours, patterns, texture. I love to mix and match lots of stuff on my pages.

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