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kelly marie

I remember my 2nd grade teacher so well. She was so fun and taught us math with baseball stats!

Mara Adkins

Never heard of 5 Little Ducks but I'd love to have the paper anyway!


Hmmm... I vividly remember walking home during a winter storm clutching my artwork while almost being blown off my feet; I was in grade 1.


Congrats to last weeks winner. - The Piggy Tales paper looks fantastic.
I remember this little song from 1st Grade:

I know a little pussy her coat is silver gray. She lives down in the meadow not very far away. Although she is a pussy, she'll never be a cat. For she's a pussy willow, now what do you think of that! Meow, Meow, Meow, Scat!

Jenny McGee

OK, One memory I have is in high school, me and one of my friends would pass notes to each other in the hallway between classes. I had quite a collection of notes from that time. I just recently got back in touch with her too. How fun.

gina o

Congrats Heather!!! Lucky ducky you! (speaking of ducks...lol!)

One memory I have is from 3rd grade picture day...My mom was a single mom and money was tight. I went home and told my mom we were having picture day and that I needed to wear a red dress (which I did not have, of course) She really hated that she had to buy me one (it was red velvet with white ruffles, and I LOVED IT) So picture day comes and goes and then our teacher gives us our packet of pictures to take home....my mom about died laughing when she saw dead center in the middle of all the class (the class photo) lil' ole me standing there...the only one wearing red! Bwahahahahahaha


Fabulous collection - thank you for the opportunity to win! My vivid school memory... when the male 6th grade teacher sang "Delta Dawn" to me in front of the class... and I was in Kindergarten. I was very shy - and must have blushed fourteen shades of red!


Very vividly, I remember finger painting in kindergarten and the smell of that paint...then my teacher would hop over to the piano and we would play instruments (I loved the cymbals!)

tara thynne

Congrats Heather on being the latest winner!!
I never really had any insipring art teachers. They all made it seems like an unneccesary part of the curiculum. I do recall Mr Plum and how his hands were always messy because he constantly rolled chalk between his hands. His but would have fingerprints on them from the chalk because he always wiped his hands on his pants. What a dork!

Mary Hicken

I remember being about 15 and a new art teacher told me that my work was not good enough to sit my O level art exam. I stopped drawing and painting for many years after that, and thanks to scrapbooking and other paper crafts, I am now back in full swing.

How anyone can tell you that your art work is not good enough, is bizarre to me! It's all in the eye of the beholder since we all have different tastes.

Janet Sisk

Congrats to the winner of this weeks prize! A memory I hold dear is one of my Mom being the elementary school art teacher's volunteer parent. She loved to help students find their niche in art. Sadly, my Mom died when I was only 9 so memories like those are special to me. Thanks for a chance to win a great prize.

Glenda Thorne

I loved school as a little girl and couldn't wait to get new pencils, scribblers,pencil crayons and new shoes. I wore a school uniform ( a public school in Quebec)so I didn't have the fun of buying new clothes. Finger painting in my early years , loved getting messy.

Laura Stewart

cute stuff

Sheena B

Gorgeous paper - my most vivid school days memory has to be my first day of school -- I quickly sat at a desk and told my Mom she could leave now. I was so excited - and the look on her face said she couldn't believe that her oldest didn't need her to hold her hand.

Janet Zeppa

I lived in the country so I remember how much time I had to spend on the school buses going back and forth to school.


I remember my 4th grade teacher. She encouraged my love of books and reading, which is something I still have now. :)

Kerry P.

In grade 1, I had a box of Hexagon crayons and my two favorite colours were Fuchsia and Mango, which I used to the exclusion of all others!


My memories of school mostly involve reading & recess & trying my best to get out of gym because I was so poor at it! Thanks for the chance!


My favorite memory about school is when my older brother, older sister and I all attended the same elementary school. We walked to school together. On the way home there was a lamp post that had a broken access panel ... and when we visited the old neighborhood some years ago we discovered that it was still open, and the current crop of students STILL stuff papers into it!

Thanx - for the trip down memory lane, and chance at t'riffic blog candy!


hmmm...I think the thing I unfortunately remember the most is how much I hated PE lol :) so not my thing!!

Shawn Wenrich

I remember the way they decorated on of the schools halls at Halloween and how spooky it was!

amy hogue

the memory i have of school, is always the school plays. i was alway so nervous when it came time for the perfromances, but how i loved to get up there and sing or say the one or two lines i may have had. now i get to watch my kids in the school plays and its even more fun.


The smell of new school supplies, book fairs and scholastic orders!!


Lots of memories from school - I remember in 1st grade, our teacher would reward us w/ stars on a chart if we were good. One time our teacher walked into class, and we were sort of rowdy, and she started giving out stars. All of a sudden: silence! Boy, that chart worked like a charm. ;)


I remember my first day at primary school and my very first teacher Mrs Davies. She was someone I looked up to. I acquired my love of reading from her, with my very first introduction to books. Sadly she passed away a few years back, but everytime I pick up a good book I remember her fondly.
Thanks for a chance to win!

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