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thanks for this huge giveaway !!
my fav part is the 3I's !!! cool inspiration


love all the scrappers in this magazine... especially vicky boutin
love the creation of borders too


I appreciate the focus on rub ons, I always have some difficulties with rub-ons
thanks for the great chance to win


I love to read the 3T's, it inspired me
and all the layouts are amazing


My favorite is the borders subject, i learn how to create beautiful borders. This issue is amazing, love the fall colors
thanks for the chance

Julie Campbell

Well, my computer is from the dark ages and I'm STILL trying to download it. (started yesterday) UGH! But.. the cover looks beautiful! LOL!


This is great. I love reading the comments here and seeing all the neat stuff you have. This looks like loads of fun!


I love that I still have the entire issue to read slowly as I have my coffee tomorrow morning. :)

Heather H

First comment this week I guess... Great giveaway! I enjoyed all the beautiful layouts in the fall issue, especially the ones in the Picasso article about how to scrap your children's art. My son is 3 and it is hard to figure out how to preserve some of his art without collecting mountains of it.


The Fall issue is FAB! Three of my fave ever-so-talented designers (Vicki, Kathy and Kim) LOTS of techniques explained, big photos...but the first project I am going to try is the something-special shadow box by Vicki! Just the right project to use for my daughters birthday photos! Thank you for the chance to win - I have been dreaming of this letterpress!


Always love the magazine, but my favourite bit this month was the 3Ts borders layout, although I love both of the layouts that used the same photo (always my 2 favourite sections I think)


I loved the article on children's artwork. My son is in Kindergarten and already we have collected quite a few masterpieces. Thanks for always being so inspiring!!


Just Shoot me is my favourite one. I want to take better photos, but am not very savvy, so I enjoy practical explanations and tips.
What a great prize pack!

Gracie Ann

3Ts is always a favorite section. I learn so much from it. Oh my I'd loveto win that machine. Please pick me! It's my birthday on Sunday. This would be a great gift! :)

jen t.

omg! omg! what a awesome prize!(crossing fingers) i love the essentials with the top 10 most wanted products! i love seeing all the new goodies out that i haven't seen in stores yet!!! jen t. :)

Diana Fisher

The essentials pages are my favorite, such great stuff there! And, WOW!! Great prize, I really want one of these, too. I love the old art form of letterpress, I'd love to see what this machine could do!

Barbara Matthews

OMG... I am going to cross everything that I can hoping to win this prize pack! If you see someone all bent up like a pretzel, it's probably me, lol. What an awsome opportunity! Thanks.

Janet B

I always love the projects you feature! Thanks for the chance to win.

Trish Dietrich

I haven't been able to pick up my copy yet, but what I always love about your magazine is that it is free and gives me a great opportunity to visit my favourite scrapping store in Waterloo - Two Scrapbook Friends!


I love the aperature article --- I have this fancy camera and rarely move it from auto mode. I am now ready to try to use some of the manual features. Thanks for the advice!!

I also loved so many of the layouts but I think my favorite was "Safe" by Lisa Dickinson. It reminds me so much of my own children. I love the pp's with the b&w photo. Gorgeous!


I don't subscribe to your mag, but I can't wait to download the free copy! Can't do it on the work computer though :(
Thank you for the chance to win such an amazing prize! I love the layout that is on the cover of the magazine!


So sketchy was my favorite!

I like that the photo sizes are indicated--some sketches don't show that bit of info and I consider them useless.

heather (h2)

Man, the whole 3T's section rocks. I especially liked all the easy to add borders and article on aperture;) Great stuff guys!

Stephanie Schan

What a fabulous prize!! Loved the rub-ons article!

Cindy D

I would have to say my favorite is the childrens artwork. My gdaughters are 2 and 3 and have just started MDO. Lots of artwork coming home!

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