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Heather Garl

My advice....make sure you have lots of room! lol
I have stamps stored in my desk drawer, inks stored upside down on the desk and in a drawer. Paper is stored together on a shelf, embellishments and ribbon are in mini plastic containers, etc.
Everything has its place, and its OK that only I know where it goes! lol


I found an old set of clear plastic cannisters at my local thrift store, painted the wooden lids to match my room and I now have my buttons, ribbon scraps, brads, flowers and eyelets RIGHT where I can see them :)

I could really use some more cardstock :)


I have an Ikea spice rack that I use for buttons and ribbon (do not have a huge stash-yet!!); some stand-up paper holders and paper folders that I list and sort papers by company. I seem to have a few lines that I frequently purchase from!


I have a very limited space so I can only store a few things. When I want to buy new stuff give permission only when I have used a few things from my stash. This helps me to keep it all in a few containers and it often gets me to do pages I hadn't been planning or use things in a new way, and I don' waste my money.

Laurie VF

hmmmmm.....scrapbook supplies!!!! lots of doubles!? hmmmm how does that happen....it is called "disorganization"....all I can say is try to list glitters, markers etc as you get them.....another tip would be not to buy paper unless you have a project and then make sure you get enough and also match your prints to plain at the store.....because we all know how many different shades of colours there are!!!!! I have a whole closet full of paper that I bought when on sale and have not used!!!! hmmmm.....I guess I didn't really save any money!
Laurie VF


I use crackled-glass tea-light holders to hold my tiny embellishments. Practical & pretty too!


I am not sure if I am the person to give tips, I probably need to read this whole list to get myself organized! I do think though that I couldn't live without the Ikea Expidit bookshelf sitting behind my chair, so I just twirl & grab what i need off of it!


I have a couple of wheeled drawer carts that I use for storage.

Glennis F

I store my clear stamps and unmounted stamps in cd holders with a label on the edge, and stack them in cdholder racks. Easy to see when they are stacked like that


I use vintage items to store my supplies in. Like vintage kitchen ware, Pyrex bowls anything collectible, so then it is a win win for me, I am looking at all the treasures I collect.


to store my large clear acrylic stamps i use a binder with page protectors and slip 2-4 stamps in per page depending on their size. for my smaller acrylic stamps, i organize them in photo boxes, by brand.


I store my AC Thickers in a binder... the packages fit nicely into regular page protectors (the kind from the office supply store) and I put them all in a regular binder so I can flip through and find the ones that fit the colour and style of my page! :)

Kimberly S.

How I store thing depends on the item - I store my paper in a store display rack that I got from a Craigslist-er, I store my stickers on a Clip It Up organizer, my buttons are in a clear glass cookie jar I got at a yard sale, my ribbons are in Ziploc bags and in a drawer, my Cricut is on a low book shelf, and my other items and tools are in drawers in a plastic organizer I got at Wal-mart.

I have spread things out all over our guest bedroom, which slowly became my craft room. :)

When I am scrapbooking or crafting though, it gets messy! My creativity cannot be contained in a clean environment.

Anne Marie B

I bought a bunch of 12X12 clear containers that I store all my scraps of paper. One is for PP and the other for cardstock. Its easy to find scraps that way when I make my cards. Also not all crumpled up.

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