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Claudia Sohre

Wow, what a machine! All those features wrapped up in one. I would love to win this.

Cindy M

OMG! The Creatopia looks like an amazing machine. I would love to get my hands on it and create, create, create.

Mellissa T

Sounds like a FABULOUS tool. I'd love to win one of these beauties for my scrappy room.


I need the Creatopia because I have no embossing, laminating, OR adhering machines! Can you believe that!? So... come on, start this girl off right :)

Lynn H

I would love to be considered for the new Creatopia from Xyron!...

I have resisted purchasing any cutting or embossing system for years because nothing I saw on the market seemed to do everything I needed it to do. But now I'm jazzed; the Creatopia from Xyron does it all and more!

Betty Boutilier

WOW what a great prize.Who would not like to have the creatopia in their scrapbooking room!Thanks for the chance to win.

Jackie L.

Why must I have this ? Because I am a gadget junkie and it looks like a fabulous tool ! Love Xyron products !


I would love to win this wonderful tool! Thanks for the chance!


This looks so cool!! I must have it because it's probably the only way I am going to get it - I told dh I would stop buying all these awesome tools that keep coming out LOL

Linda Marie

Reasons I must have it? I sew (applique a lot), scrap, make cards, and am in the process of setting up a blog with the goal of create to bless others.. winning would be the perfect "grand opening" blog! Oh, it is 12 inches wide... how perfect.


Wow, would love to win this one.

Mary Ashby

Oh, I thought this was almost too good to be true when I saw the giveaway in the latest issue and sent an e-mail... I'm not sure if I am supposed to leave a comment too, but I want to make sure I have my bases covered! Oh, how I would LOVE to win! ;) Thanks for the chance!

Dana C.

Oh it would be awesome to win this! Having only 1 income right now and not being able to buy those so desirable scrapbooking products have been put on hold. So this would make a dream come true for sure!

Lynn M

I think that I MUST have this!!! Oh all my girls would be sooooo jealous! And just think of all the goodies I could make!! Please pick me :)


The Creatopia looks like the perfect all-in-one machine; thank you for offering this giveaway!


I would love to the proud owner of creatopia. I never had a cutting machine. I would be cool to own one, something that does all the work for you. thanks for the awesome giveaway.

david gable

i want to give to my lady.....!!!

Tracey Hamin

The Creatopia sounds like a wonderful,versatile machine to have for scrapbooking and cardmaking---I would LOVE one !!

Sharon L

thanks for the chance

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

this would be wonderful to win and so many ways to use it.

shemaine smith

I would love to have this machine to work with because of it's versatility and a whole lot of creative therapy for this SAHM!


12 inches wide?! Seriously?! Would love the chance to play with that! Thanks!

Linda L.

OK, seriously.. I have got to have this tool. Reason? it is amazing, and I will do amazing things with it. It will change my life forever and ever. I will use it to create beautiful things that I will post on my blog and will bring world peace, the end of all problems for everyone, everywhere.*
Pick me and see!!!
Imagine, a better world, 12inches at a time.
**disclaimer: the above statement is not typical of results achieved by others, and may be slightly exaggerated in a shameless attempt to win a much desired prize.**


wow this looks awesome ,so many uses for such a great addition to my tool box.thanks for the opportunity to win .KIM


I'd love to have this machine. I have some friends with few scrapbook tools so everyone meets at my place once a week. This would be great to add to my supplies.

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