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Gabi Lee

I must have the Creatopia because of how wonderful you say it is -- and because Thursday, November 5th is my birthday. A perfect present, don't you think?


Oh my! Amazing, is it possible ?

Melissa Blair

I've been reading about the Creatopia and cannot wait to try it out. I would definitely give this machine a good home!


Would I love to win a Creatopia - adhering a whole 12x12 sheet of paper - amazing


This would be a great tool to have to help with making the cards for my church fundraiser.
thanks for the chance to win.

Melanie K.

Why do I need it? I don't have a machine like it ... so it would do the job of 5? 10? 100? tools? and I have a small space? Isn't that all good reasons that I need it? Or simply that I WANT IT!!! Thanks for the chance!


It's about time someone made a product like this that cuts, embosses and is 12" wide. I don't know how it could get any better than that! Thanks for the chance to win an amazing giveaway!


I wouldn't say I must have this, but wouldn't it be fabulous to win such a cool too.

Tracy Mittleholtz

I must win the the Creatopia - because I want to be the first in Wiarton, and then I can show them, and then they will buy it!!!


I love the fact it works with materials that are 12 inches. This is a must have tool. Thanks for the chance.


I hope the creatopia will improve my creativity!!!! I would love it!!!

Alyssa MM

Wow, Wow, Wow, that little machine does it all! I need one so I can do it all too!!


OOOO!!!! Is jumping up and down with my hand up (while at work) proof that I really really love this gadget!!! seriously though, I am 'into' fabric scrapbooking and fabric embellishments and would LOVE this to help!!!

Thanks as always!!

Amber Scurlock

I have been keeping my eye on this wonder-machine for so long...would LOVE the chance to win it!!! =)

Courtney B

I'd LOVE to win this! I don't have any diecut machines, can't afford them right now. But we do have our first baby on the way and this would help so much with making fun pages and cute announcements, etc. The possibilities are endless! I hope I win!

Candace Robichaud

I so need this amazing dream machine! As soon as I saw it I thought of the endless creative things I could do with it! It would take my craftyiness t a whole new level ;) thanks for the chance to win!


Great Giveaway.....
Just getting started with this new hobby and would love to this machine....
Thanks for the chance.

Denise T

Wow having the Creatopia would solve all my space issues. One machine that does everything : )


Count me in.
What a great giveaway

Tanya Rudd

Wow, What a great opportunity, the chance to win this Creatopia. Fantastic.

Happy Friday



I need that beautiful machine because it will be so much faster that die cutting with scissors or a blade. Time is of the essence in this house.

Summer Braxton

I would love to see what it does with fabric.. and I don't have a plain Xyron, so it'll be neat to have that and more all in one.


Why must I have this? Because it does EVERYTHING!!!! Seriously, it is really stinking cool!

Cindy D

I would love to win this prize!
Oh the things I could do with that!
Thanks for a chance to win!!


That thing looks awesome, who wouldnt want one! Thank you for the chance to win one.

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