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Halloween has only become popular in recent years in Belgium, as it came over to us in American tv-shows etc.. We used to celebrate Saint Martin, so I'll tell you about that... We carved faces out of beets (instead of pumpkins, they were a bit more unusual here) and went on a walk into the woods, where there would be a large bonfire. Then Saint Martin would come on his horse and meet a beggar (according to the story), split his cloak in half and give the beggar something warm to wear. After their performance, we would all get something warm to drink around the fire and just talk and enjoy the night.


i honestly can say that the first time my son put his hand into the pumpkin to get the seeds out was hysterical and the series of photos inspired me to begin scrapbooking


This is so cute. What a great set to get to do some Halloween scrapbooking.


My favourite halloween memory was just last year. It was my first halloween in my new house, and a new neighbourhood. The weather was warm and perfect, and we had fun trick or treating with the kids, then just hanging outside getting to know our neighbours better. Afterwards we all went inside and had an impromptu party. It was so much fun, and we are doing it again this year!


My favorite Halloween memory was the first one with my youngest daughter (she is adopted). She was barely walking and I made her a costume that was supposed to be a dalmation. She looked more like a cow! But we had a great time trick-or-treating until I discovered that her bag had a hole in it (she was so small, she dragged her bag on the ground) and she had been leaving her candy behind her in a little trail...


My favorite Halloween memory is right after dinner my sisters and brother would head upstairs to see what we could pull together from our bag of old clothes and such. It was such fun to use our creativity to come up with costumes! Loved it.

Rose S

Awesome goodies! My favourite halloween memory was the year I went trick or treating with my best friend. I dressed up as one of those old time football fans and I was wearing my granny's fur coat. It was long & big on me and I didn't know it was real and people were offering me money for it. My friend and I laughed so hard.

Shirl Boughner

My favourite and first halloween memory was when I was 5 and my dad was painting an apt building across from our house and I had to wait for him to finish for the day so he could take me out. I was waiting at home with my soft fuzzy pink bunny costume and he seemed to take forever to come home. I wore that costume for 2 years and wish my mom had kept it - I'd love to see it now.
Such a great giveaway. Happy Halloween

ellen s

cute papers!

my fave memory was the first time i bobbed for apples and stuck my head all the way in the bucket of water! it was so cold, i lost my breathe and all i could hear was everyone laughing. i never did get the apple, lol!

Gracie Ann

I love Halloween when I was a kid because of Trick-or-Treating. Now it's my turn to dress my little girl up and it's always fun coming up with a new costume each year.

Heather H

Great giveaway-the monsters especially are very cute. As for Halloween memories, my son is about to turn 4 and I am really enjoying seeing him enjoy Halloween. Last year he liked Halloween but wasn't really anticipating it in advance. This year he is very excited for Halloween so tomorrow night will be fun. He is going as Dash from the incredibles (he is spending most of his time lately pretending to be Dash anyway).

Jenny McGee

It is fun to Trick or Treat with the kids every year. I also remembering Trick or Treating when I was a kid too. All pleasant memories. Thanks for a great Halloween giveaway.

Laura D.

My happiest Halloween memory of my childhood is that my Dad would always dress up in some way when he took us trick-or-treating. He is/was a fun Dad. And that's tied for first place with the memory of my happy little girl running up the street in her costume, so excited that everyone was giving her candy!


My favorite halloween memory involves trick-or-treating on a VERRRRY icy sidewalk, wearing a homemade ladybug costume... let's just say it didn't go so well! But I can totally laugh about it now :)

Mara Adkins

I just remember traipsing through the neighborhood with my dad and his flashlight. He's gone now so the memories are nice.


My favorite Halloween memory was when my youngest son was 18 months and I found the most adorable penquin costume for him. Something about how a little toddler waddles when they walk and the costume made him the hit of the neighborhood.

Summer Braxton

Both lines are super cute. One year when I was 7, my neighborhood had a block party instead of door-to-door treating. The best part was that it was right in front of my house!!


I love to do the Trick or Treat with the kids in our street, the people are so kind


I like cooking with my mother and sister and them look at the children eyes


I remember do the trick or treat to my neighborhood with my dad... a lot of candies... so cool


My favourite memory is trick or treating with my brother. Our first stop was always Mrs. Vankerkoven's because she made homemade candy apples. They were so good she sometimes ran out and then you got a popcorn ball. Everyone wanted the candy apples.

Diana Fisher

Every year watching my son dress up is quickly becoming my fave memories. this year he's spiderman... throwin' webs! :)


My favorite Halloween memory is the year that I was in grade 4. It was so cold that year! My dad and my friend's dad took us trick-or-treating and we took our car. The dads took turns driving the car and we would go to a few houses and then jump into the car to warm up. I think that it is true dedication for our dads to do that for us. They could have just told us that it was too cold to go out! Love you Dad!

Candace Robichaud

Carving pumpkins with my Mom, Taking out the "guts" was always the best part!

Z's Mommy

Thank you for the chance to win!
My favorite Halloween memory is taking my now-3-year-old daughter trick or treating and to fall festivals. We normally go to churches where the kids can play and you have the send of security. She enjoys playing games and winning prizes. We have already gone to two this year!
This paper would be great to scrapbook those memories. We have 2 more festivals to go to, too!!
Thank you!

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