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Mira Davis

what a wonderful giveaway!! my favorite set must be Porcelain for me. love all the pink and brown and the so romantic feel to the pages!


That's so hard to choose! It's like asking which child is your favorite! lol

I am very fond of Stella Ruby though - the colors are just so beautiful! I also love Perhaps on the other side of the spectrum...all of them really - it's impossible to really choose a single ONE!


I liked Vagabond, it was perfect for my teen boy layouts.

jeanie nieva

my favorite wiould have to be lemonade. :)


Love the Lime Rickey line...but they all are gorgeous.

Diana Fisher

I love BG, and to see they are expanding how they craft is so cool!


It's all fantastic.


Two Scoops! Actually all of them are fabo!!! Can't wait for Origins!

Ashley Harris

My absolute favorite line ever was the Blush line. I absolutely adore it!! So excited that it is fabric now too!


This is way too hard to pick my favorite line EVER, I mean gosh, how is that possible to pick??!!! I can't!!! That's like asking a mother to pick her favorite of her children!!!! Oh wait, if you put it that way, why yes, I can pick out my favorite child, LOL. Okay, in terms of how obsessed I was when the line came out and how many servings I bought: Urban Couture!

Megan A

I think my favorite was lemonade


Lucky was by far my favorite! So glad they are going digital, and reintroducing some of the classics! Way to go BG!

Barbara Staradumsky

I love anything and everything Basic Grey! I get every line they have!
My most favorite? Blush!!
Still adore it to this day!

Rose Stannell

I love Basic Grey and can't wait to check out their digital elements. It is so awesome that they are doing this. As for my favourite, I don't just have one. I love them all.


I think my favourite would be Wisteria. I love the purples. Great prize giveaway.

Nancy L.

Wow, thats exciting!! I haven't had the pleasure to play with BasicGrey, but I would love to!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Michelle A.

what is not to love about every Basic grey line....they are just fabulous! I love the lemonade line but lime rickey is so bright & fab....hmmm. I cant pick just one!


I LOVE Basic Grey - I have purchased SO many of their paper packs and embellishments. Its BY FAR my favourite line of scrapbooking supplies.
I think one of my favourite lines (how do you choose???) was the Wisteria collection....

Mara Adkins

Please don't make me choose which Basic Grey line is my fave. I love them all! I have them all and will continue to get them all. They are my favorite company! I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win........

Tracey McNeely

Fantastic giveaway! I love all things Basic Grey, but my all time favourite is Urban Couture. That is the line the really tuned me in to Basic Grey. Next is every line they have ever created. Thanks for the oppotunity.

Lynn H

So hard to chose...but I would have to say 'Lime Rickey' is my favourite...the green of 'Fuzzy Navel' is gorgeous. But then there's 'Orange Cream', Rob Roy and Lemon Drop...so hard to chose! Thanks for the colour inspirations.

Summer Braxton

Porcelain is my favorite, but so many others are a very close second.


My favorite line EVER? Really hard to choose - it's a tie between Urban Couture and Periphery. I used every last scrap of my Periphery pack, and I love Urban Couture so much that I've bought the fabric collection to make a quite for my bed!

(Basic Grey *hint hint* I would love to have a Periphery quilt... *hint hint*)

Laura church

Gotta start out admitting that BG is my favourite company! Thr new card stock collections are fantastic. However my favourite line has got to be Ambrosia. 2nd Granola. 3rd Eva. 4th Indian Summer. 5th Sultry. 6th Off Beat. I could go on and on.

Alyssa S

Hmmm...that's a hard question! All BG is gorgeous!! I love Figgy Pudding and Archaic.

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