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I have told Gillian L. and Jodie A.
I'm so excited to join in on another year of Project 12, woot!

jeanie nieva

i have told cleng l and cindy s about this. :)

Jenny McGee

This sounds like a fun project. I can't wait to get started. I told my sister Kelly B. and my mom Jeanette B. Thanks.


I've told Cindy D and Betsy S about it! Yea!

Krista Taylor

I'm so excited to try this new challenge!! I have told LindaL, KaraD and TanyaM about this fun challenge!

Janet B

I told Ken C--I'm going to challenge myself and really try this Project.

heather (h2)

GREAT IDEA..soo much more manageable than 365:) Told Holly W and Kristin C!

Shirl Boughner

I told Janice H and Rose W. This is a great idea

Lynn W

What a great idea! I am thinking that this would make a great Christmas gift next year for my kids. Passing this idea to my mom, Diane O and my friend Laurie T.

Thanks again SCT.


Love this concept! Very manageable. I've also told my gf Amy R and Rachel A. Thanks SCT!


What a super idea. I told Terri D. and Chris J. about this project.


Great project! Love the calander!
Wow, that pack of cards are great...what a great little map to keep on your worktable that won't take up a lot of space!

Nancy L.

LOVE this idea!!! I think I could follow through with Project 12!!
Rosio G.
Erika L.
Maria Y.

Jennifer Rassi

I'm really excited about this project!! I can't wait to get started on it. I told Michaele B. and Pat B. also shared on my page! :) Come on January!!

Jen D

I'm really excited about this!

Nancy L.

***love the idea of project 12!

cindy johnston

wow..this sounds like something I can do! I'm IN! :D I am going to post about this on Two Peas...so I am going to tell ALOT of people! LOL But specifically Brianna T. and Kristin J. I would LOVE to have that book! THANKS for the inspiration so much! and the give a way too of course ;)


Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a great prize... I am so excited to try this challenge
I told
Denise G and my mom Lynda J

Andi Sexton

So glad to see today's post! I have the Project 12 logo on my blog sidebar with a link to the Scrapbook & Cards Today Blog...

And, I told two of my fave blog friends: Elise and Karen!


Katie Skiff

This is a great idea, one I can keep up on. I told Ashley S and Khristi D about it!

Diana Albright

YAY!! I can't wait to do this!
I told my friend Samantha S. and my mom Frenchy T.

Mary A

I think this is a great idea, and I have been looking forward to the launch... I started a 365 project a year or two ago -- but it didn't last too long. In my defense, my husband had to take our camera on a business trip, but still... :) Looking forward to this! Thanks for the idea and the motivation! I'll tell Beth A. and Dee S. about this today!

Erin B

Yay! I'm so excited to do this project this year. I tried to play along with Dav last year, but it just didn't happen. I'm gonna do it this year. I've told some of my girls, Jessie A., Andrea T. and Nicole K. about the fun challenge too.


Love Becky's Page Maps!!! I've told Janice C, Kim M, and Tracey H about Project 12! Can't wait to get started!

Lonely Scrapbooker

I am so excited about this. This is the perfect solution for all my albums! I am telling Dana M and Rupi D about this!

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