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I am looking forward to doing the Project 12. I would like to get a calendar page
done each month as well. What a wonderful way to remember the year. Thanks for the inspiration and the prize too. I referred Project 12 to Michelle Q, Susan M, and Beryl B.


This is exciting! I have told my sisters, Dana M and Debbie K and tomorrow will tell my scrapping friends at work!


This sounds fun-can't wait! I told Cathy A, and Sherri A.

Heather R

I am definitely going to try to do this. I've also told Honore B. and Victoria P. about this


Project 12 sounds like fun and managable in terms of time as well...a great combination!

I've told two scrappy & crafty friends, Siri F. and Monique V.! Looking forward to scrapping in 2010! :>


What a great idea and something a bit more manageable for me than Project 365!! Will tell Kathy L and Chris K. about this!

Sherry A.

I told Sharon W. and Debbie S. about this. We did Project 365 this last year and are about worn out. This sounds much more manageable!!!


I told Reb C and Karen F about this challenge sounds like fun.


this is my first time joining in on the adventure and I am super excited for it!! I am going to have to post it on my Facebook and let all my Scrappy friends know about it!!


OH I have this book and I do love it!! Becky Fleck Rocks!!


This seems so doable and fun!! I am definitely going to play along, and blog about it too! So far I have told my teenage daughter and husband about it - Cassaundra S and Derek S to get them to help me keep on track! I also told a friend Tina L to see if she would like to try too!


This is a great project and I want to play along...but I scrap in 8.5 x 11. Will Becky be doing sketches in that size too (please say yes!)?


This sounds terrific! Count me in! I'll be sure to tell my mom MaryAnn and my mother in law Dottie!

Lisa Spiegel

I'm telling all my friends over at CroppinParadise.com, littleredscrapbook.com and scrapbookexpress.com!! I am really excited about this!


I told Keith B.


Looks like a fun challenge. I told my sister Monika M and friend Lianne J about project 12.

kate blue

am excited to do this AND stay comitted to it! I told Essanda C. and Brianna B.!


Can't wait to get started. Have told my sisters JulieD & DinaN.
XX from your Aussie friends.


Great challenge. I look forward to participating. I have told Kathleen L. and Karissa R.


This looks really fun and I can't wait to get started...I'm super excited and I just told my scrapbuddies, Nicole G. and Melissa H.!!

Michele P.

So exciting giveaway! Martine B. and Nathalie P and Mindy L.

Shelley P.

I am inspired to do this project! I've told Deanne, Connie, Jennifer and Eileen about this idea. Love Becky's sketches!!


I think this is a fabulous idea and can't wait!

Linda E

I fell off the wagon lasst year but I promise to keep at it this year. I told Lissette P. and Melissa E about Prject 12!

Pat Hines

Loving it!! I told Gail W. and Jayne G. about it and they are excited too!!!

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