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Cheri Howard

I told Bill H. about this challenge.

Question: Does it count if we do something a little different with the sketch? Say a Bible study album where the layout is focusing on a scripture verse or characteristic of a Bible character?

Karin BG

Rose B and Jacquie K...I hope they will join in!

Nancy F

This is great, I think this is a challenge i can keep up with. I have told more than 2 friends lol, I told Donna M., Shirley S. Pat S, Cindy G, oh heck, I'm tellin everyone I know that scraps!!

Linda Marie

I am really excited about this challange.

I told Basil l, cheryl s and several others..

Jen R

I have a group of girls that scrapbooks every month together and I design a layout for us each month. I am definitely going to put this challenge out to my whole group. And I think that Susan V and Sam S will be the most likely to participate.

Janet Zeppa

What an awesome project idea! I love it and I shared it with Joyce H and Shelly M.

Christine Rickert

Love this idea of 12 instead of 365...Page Maps are a great help to get started on a page. Can't wait to begin!


fabulous sketch... can't wait to get started!

Sue C

I definitely have to join in on Project 12 as it is a terrific idea. I have told Heather B. and Sandy C all about it.


I am telling Kathy H and Julie J all about this . We will have to try this for sure!


This sounds like so much fun!! I love Becky's sketches and use them ALOT!! My friend Lisa, over at littleredscrapbook.com, posted about this and I am glad she did!! I am going to follow along and do this!


Sounds like the perfect solution to my scrapbooking dilemma. I have a difficult time deciding on my layout, so once that is on it's way, my creativity flows. Count me in to participate in Project 12! I have already told Marilynn R. and Tina C. I shall share with more friends as well!!


Oh I love this!! I posted about it on my blog and I told my friend and my sister, Lisa L and Deanna C!

I'm also designing some digital mini kits along this theme! I can't wait to get scrapping!

Barbara Staradumsky

Oh I can't wait to start on this!
I told 2 people..
D Allen and B Larson..
I also posted about it in our Copic Buzz Group which has over 400 members :o)
This is such a great idea I had to share it with my group :o)

Mira Davis

This is a great idea!!! I love it!! and I'm going to tell Sue G.


I am looking forward to participating in this...what a great way to work on calendar pages!!!

I have told Amanda D & Stephanie F and Arlene P about this....and hope that they join me on the journey!

Анна Цурпал

И я хочу присоединиться к такому чудесному проекту!


This is a fabulous idea and I'm so excited about it! I love your pages for 2009! And I love the first sketch and tips!


I love Becky's Sketches! This sounds so fun!

I told my friends Virginia T. and Elaine A.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Michele V

Great fun to get the layouts each month for a year! I've told Chantel V and Donna W

Jennyfer L.

I've told Mary Jane L and Marie Josee L.Thanks!

ellen s

i have it on my blog on the sidebar i told kristen s and a bunch of girls over at serendipity scrapbooks. i posted a thread about it so we can all play along over there. i looooooooooove this idea! i have been trying to do calendar pages every month but just not holding myself accountable and i know this will.


What fun! Can't wait to try this one. I told my mom Anne R and my friend Tracy P about this great project. Hope this will help me stay caught up on this year's pics.

Mary Hicken

I have told Keitha R. I love this idea, it will help me with my annual newsletter that I send out at the end of December.

Julie GM

I Love Page Maps! I've told Mary RK & Tiffany M about this! =)

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