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Great idea. I'm from Holland and also a big fan of Becky's Page Maps.I've told my sister Joanne H, and my friend Monique J. about the Project 12.

Jackie Krause

I have been wanting to start an annual scrapbook and just did not know where to start. I'm doing the Project 12 Challenge! Thanks for the great idea.

Tammy Bingeman

woohoo Becky Fleck - it doesn't get much better than Page Maps!

I told the following people about this contest:
Amber M
Kelly H
Heather R

I am definitely playing along! Happy New Year everyone!!!

Summer Braxton

I told Shannon C. and Britten P.


I told THREE!
Scrap Friend, Amy P.
Scrap Friend, Kim B.
Scrap Friend, Heather H.

:)))) Happy New Year!

Tina D.

Jessica Preaseau

Hi! This sounds like a fun challenge, I'm excited for the amount of commitment this should take for me to complete! :) I've told my mom (Terry K.) and my friend (Sally K.) about this challenge...I know I'll be blabbing this to everyone, but this is who I told first!
Thank you!

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

I am days away from successfully completing Project 365, and I loved doing it! However, this idea of ALSO doing a layout as a month-in-review is awesome! It will make a fantastic addition to Project Life which is my 2010 project! I really like this, and the January sketch is FANTASTIC! I just printed it out, and I'll be keeping my mind what January photos I want to showcase on my January layout! This is going to be FUN!!

Julie M

I am totally doing this! Thanks!
I told Jill B., Kelly H., and Theresa L about this project.

A Ng

Great album idea! I told Claire P and Darlin H.

Jessica S.S.

I'm totally up for this challenge and have told my friends Erin C. and Dawn D. about it too...hopefully they can join me in the challenge.

CJ Johnson

Elizabeth P told me.

Cynthia Bandola

I am tickled pink and can not wait to start this project. Maryanne B. and Joanne S. are who I have shared this with. This so rocks!

Sandy Henderson

I told Megan L. and Emaly H. This sounds like an awesome challenge!

Maryanne B.

I love Becky's Page Maps this would so helpful. This would make scrapbooking so much easier. I love the January sketch, it is so awesome. I told my friends Leanne T. and Cindy B. about this.


I cannot wait to get to this sketch!!! It's awesome! I told Kirsten H. and Jess S. and off to tell some more. Also have the project 12 logo on my blog.


Thanks for the chance. I've wanted that book for a long time. I've told Stacy F & Jean N.


This is a GREAT idea! It's much more likely I'll get this one done than my 365, which I abandoned after hitting a roadblock in May.

I posted it on the disboards.com scrapbook board - I can tell who all posted to the thread, but have no clue what their "real" names are, lol.


This is such a lovely idea. I cant wait. I will tell Michelle S. and Yvette G. about this

Brandi T.

I love this idea! I think this will be great for grandparent albums for next Christmas. I have told Chelsie C. and Tricia B. about this.



That's great! I told Dulce D and Luciana D.


This looks like a super project for Twentyten!
I'm a great lover of Beck Fleck sketches anyway and need to get back into doing some DLOs!
Thank you for supplying the inspiration!


Oops forgot to mention who I'm telling ... Inga G and Carole C


I told Angie H., Jen S., and many others about this project. I cannot wait.

Jessica Schaub

I can't wait to play along! My friend Stacy sent me and I've passed on the link to a couple more scrappy friends (ChantelP, LauraS)


I'm so excited that Project 12 has officially started. I told a few ladies over at the MB I visit. I know that Eryn A. and Amiee G. are definately going to participate during this project.

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