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Brenda Johnston

I have told Kristen W. and Tara M. So excited about this!

Sarah Nelson

Well, i have told a fair few girls about this, but i don't know their full names. I posted a link on the parenting site i visit. There is a scrapbooking board there: http://www.pregnancy.org/bulletinboards/showthread.php?t=581684


What a great challenge!! I've told Lelia M. =)


Awesome! I am totally on board for this! Last year I started a project 365 and got through February! LOL I turned that into my own Project 12. This year will be much easier with some awesome Becky Fleck sketches! Thanks Girls! *Elizabeth*

Pauline Clark

I have told Bridgette M. and Stephanie S. about Project 12....


I've told Barb H and Sue F and am going to post it on my blog.

Account Deleted

never participated in a challenge in a foreign web site!
but I am very anxious to participate in this!


I told my 10 teamies on UKS and Helen B


I can do this. I have the 365 album coming so i think i'll do my version of both and keep the pressure down.

tania smith

I am totally in! what a great challenge! the 365 photo thing is overwehlming but this is perfect! I told
Holly C. and Danita S.
I am hoping they will join in the fun with me.

Jennifer Larson

I told Sandra T. and Janel S.

Sharon Jaeger

What a great idea! I totally want to try this. I told Evelyn B and Jean M about it!


I've only told Ellon S. so far, but I just read about it.

Jenny Alfonso

I can't wait to do this! I told Rowena D. and Jeanette D.

Angela Hodgson

love the idea!
I told Shelley B. and Maria M.


I don't know if someone has already asked this, but does anyone know where Davinie got the calendars she used on her layouts? Thanks for any info.

Jodi  (jodinjaz)

I checked out Page maps online and it looks GREAT!!! I need to get back to scrapping, right now..and for a while I have only been stamping. I LOVE both but I need to capture memories by scrapping, especially my daughter growing up. I will be telling Lindsay M. and Amy B. for sure!!!


I just told Rhonda S and Roslyn O about this fab idea - which my daughter just told me about! I can do this :))


How fun! I am in!

Jenny E

I have told Adrian E. It looks lik a great project


Great Idea. I told Lara m and Naomi c.
Use becky maps alot

Danielle Watt

I just love page maps! Hopefully my comment isn't too late for the giveaway! I told Abby T. and Kris B. about Project 12. So excited to get started!!!

Erica Hettwer

I told Judy K. about this. :D


now this looks do-able. Fantastic. TY.


Iam suggesting this to my scrapbooking buddies Lyn f, Sally A-M & Theresa S as well as my sister Anna E.

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