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Michelle Rydell

I have told Christina S, Lynn P and Anne G about Project 12!

And I also finished my first layout with Becky's sketch! I decided to start my Project with December 09 so I don't have to wait! Here it is:


Thanks for the inspiration!


Looking forward to this project!! I have told Sandra R, Doris H.

Kelly R

I am actually going to attempt this, this year.
I have told Lee M, Anne M & Jamie P.
Love the sketch too!!

Christie Wildes

I have posted to my blog....and told Jenn A, Rita O, Melissa M, Melissa C, Dani G, Stephanie M, Tiffany C, Becky B, and Christy D about this!!


Stephanie Zito

I am super excited about this project! I'm going to get to work on my January layout right away! I told Debbie M. and Jenn J. about this!

Rhonda Steed

I'll be participating too!! Sounds great!


This is such a great idea & I'm excited to start my 1st yr. I told fellow scrappers/family members: Joan R. & Marie T.

laura stewart

I told lafonda b


I have told Lisa V and Angela T


i think i will jump in with you this year - i have told my friend joanna c to play along too

Amy Coose

I am sooooo doing this this time around. I told my friends Jen and Michelle!


I need to jump in this year...told Michelle and Rachel

Jennifer Findlay

I am really excited about this project and even more so for the sketches. Here is my first page of the album. http://www.amillionmemories.com/forum/viewlayout.php?id=16518

Tracy Raymond

Exactly what I need to get started and on track I have told Karen b. And Pam k. Thanks for the inspiration!

Antonia S-H

I was going to do a different 2010 challenge, but I've changed my mind because this one looks great! I've told Michele D and Emma H about it.

Cindy D.

I'm a huge fan of Page Maps and Card Maps. I told my future daughter-in-law Sarah B. about Project 12. I also told my son Justin L., who thought it was a great idea, too! The Page Maps book would be a really helpful tool to get Sarah get started on her scrapbooking journey.


Looking forward to jumping on this - I told Michelle G and Ruth D!


Here's the intro page for my 2010 Project 12 album:
Pretty simple. =)


Great idea! I have told Helene L and Anna B (Both swedish)

Mary (Happy Now)

I tried to send an e-mail with my gallery links but I got a postmaster error in return, so I will link them here as well. Off to a great start -- love this Project 12 concept! Thanks!



Renee Clark

I LOVE this concept of scrapping the year. I've told a few people, including Lucy F. and Marcie K.


I'm here!!!!!


I just posted my layout with the January sketch on my blog. I know that Joanna G. and Hollie H. will read it and check out Project 12!


It's all right for us ... Jeanine S. and Katia S. ... and for us it'll be for this afternoon ... Thanks La Biz La Delf


I have put the logo on my blog with a link back here. I have a defined challenge section on there - and this is at the top - what a great idea. 12 is cool.

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