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I'm telling Penni A about this!


How fun is this? I haven't told anyone yet but you can bet the first person I email will be Judi F and then after that I will post some info on my blog about it. :)


This is great! I'm so excited to be a part of this. I've told Jaimie H. & Amanda R.


I haven't told anyone yet, as I'm just reading about this now for the first time. But next on my list is to tell Julie and Darlene S. about this!


Sounds like a great way to scrap!


This is so exciting!! I've told Megan A about this project.


i have told Suzanne G and Joanne R and Carol R and will continue telling who ever is listening!!!!!!!


i started the 365 project last year and gave up after 2 weeks. i couldn't remember to take a picture daily. so excited cuz this is much more manageable.

i told my niece, amanda h, and my friend, stacey f. thought it would be cool for them to use for their babies. i also told another blogger, scrappy jedi.

laurie remillard

I have told Kim R. and Sue L.

Carol M.

I've been waiting for this Profect since you first mentioned it. I have brought in Becky W. and Becky W. (one daughter, the other one my friend) and Chris P. My two friends and I are going to work together and each do an album. What fun, huh???

Julie Fiehler

I told my 1st Friday Crop girls: Shelly M, Becky M, and many more! Great idea!!

Cindy Trimble

THis sounds great! I am telling my daughters, Kolbi T. and Karli T. I hope that they are as excited that I am!


Very cool idea

I told Lori l and Nancy s

jane i

i'm telling jean f and zahra h

Kathy Carr

I just posted this on a few boards I'm on to include Corrina L. and Felicia M.


Oooh this looks really interesting. I'll give it a go.

Sue (aka MiniOwner)


Ooops forgot to say I have told Jan T and Sarah W about this.

Sue (aka MiniOwner)

Cindy M

This looks like fun and what a great way to get a year in review scrapbook completed. I have told Robin P, Irene B, Janice M and Mary Jane H.


how exciting!!! cant wait to get going on this!!! i love the format! love how Davinie did this last year & I LOVE the addition of Becky's sketches this year!! how great!!!
i told JoAnn K & Jen R about this
thanks so much for the chance to win!!!
take care ♥


I found out about Project 12 right here on this blog! Sounds like a great plan...loving that sketch too.


I am REALLY going to try this out!
I told Christy T., Jenn L., Bonnie N., Val, Elaine B., Amy B., Anne D., Sandra B.--my monthly scrapbook group about it!!

Elizna Parsons

Joining this year in Project12 and love the first sketch! I'm telling Tronel R and Eloise Z....and most possibly many more scrappers joining my classes this year! A stunning challenge!

Laurie VF

I love this idea....I already have Jan figured out as I am taking my hubby to Niagara Falls for a "BIG" concert surprise for his 50th! I love that you used kraft as your background throughout the book....great idea to keep it neutral....I will do the same as I love the look. I am for sure telling Maryanne R and Kerry N about this as well as many others! Great idea! Hope I win the awesome layout book.
Laurie VF


This sounds like so much fun and an awesome idea!!! I told Kristin H. and Jessie F. about this challenge.

Michelle V.

Well seeing as I posted a link to this on a message board it will be a number of names. I'll just put a few here that will read it:
Bobbi-Lynn S.
Kimberly F.
Teresa M.
Bonnie K.
Heather L.
Lori A.
Lori B.
Melissa B.

And a few other people:
Laura E.
Krista A.
Sarah W.

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