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i'm going with box #2!

and it's great what you're doing to help haiti. what a terrible tragedy. :(


What a fantastically generous donation! How about box 2!


i have just signed up for a subscription ...thank you for your generousity in your efforts to help haiti. i'll subscribe for a friend when i get her address (so i put all her info then my credit card number?)

box 3

Paula L.

Please count me in, thanks! Box 3
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com


Great way to help Haiti
I'd pick Box 3
Thank you!


I would pick number. I have an ongoing online sub to the mag but will find another way to help :-)


box #3 for me please ;-)


Thanks for the chance, love to win the box #2


Thanks for your generosity ! they need us !
I choose the #2


I love fridays with you
My box have the number #2


Hope i'll win this time with the box #3


I would love to win box #3! Thanks for the chance!

Mama Karen

Box three.


I'm still sticking to number 2


What a giving spirit, how about #2

Erika M

Ya'll are extremely generous with your donation - I will seriously consider subscribing. I'm going to choose box #3 for this week's mystery giveaway.

Christina 4635

I would pick box number 7, if you have one :o)

Donna U

Box #2 please

Sheri Franklin

I am still holding out for box #3! :)

Congrats Michelle and thanks SCT for the chance to win some goodies.


i'd pick box#3

Jen B

Box 3!! Box 3!!!

Jennifer Hensley

Box 3 Please!!! Pretty Please with a cherry on top!

Diane Standish

Box 2 for me still!! Good luck


I will choose box # 3 ... Thanks for another great chance!!
Your generosity in Haiti will be very much appreciated ~ and very much needed :)

Karin BG

Box #2 please!

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