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I LOVE suprises. I think box #2 has what my heart desires ;)


Box#-3 for me. I like the rhyme!


What a fun idea! I'll say box#1!


Yay! I love surprises ,I would pick # 2 !!


Such fun, my pick would be box #2, thanks

Karin BG

Box #1 Monty! Would so love a surprise.

Janet Sisk

Oh how fun! I guess I will go with #1. Thanks for the chance to win. I can't wait!

Laura church

Ok I'll pick box 2- I always say "2 feet, 2hands, 2 eyes, 2kids!". Do you know they're bringing Let's Make a Deal back? I saw it on tv, Wayne Brady was hosting and the audience was in costumes and everything

Janet B

Cool--great idea.

Countrygirlin Md

I would love to choose box #2! Thank you for giving us this great chance to win.

Sue C

Oh what fun! I would pick door... I mean box number 2.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Laura Whitkaer

Wow how fun is this!! Thanks for the chance! I'd pick box #2!

Patty W

Woo Hoo ...how much fun is this !

Gosh.. I'll pick # 2

thank you !


Love a good mystery. I think if I was a winner it really wouldn't worry me which one I recieved :-)


Ohhhh I like surprises... and if its scrappy surprises its even better!
I pick box #2

Erin Bohland

I would pick number one since I have one child. lol.. Thank you for the chance to win.



I would have to pick 3 because I have 3 boys.

Gail Lisle

Really liked the show "Lets Make A Deal". I'll pick box # 1


Let see, I don't know, "asking husband," jumping up and down in my Banana Costume and I have a boiled egg in my purse......I'll take box number 3. OOOOO

LOL Thanks for the memories and fun.

Beth Bo.

Number 2...nice even number! Fun giveaway!


oooh, exciting... ooooh box 1 for me!


1,2 or 3 : my husband says box#3! Thank you for this chance! Hugs from Italy

Nancy L.

i choose box #1!
thanks ;) for always having something fun!

Kris D.

I have a feeling about box #3!!

How exciting, but now I have to wait...


I pick #2. =)

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