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Box 2! So cute.

cindy barriga

Box 1 please!
Fingers crossed!!

Anne Marie B

I always wanted to be on that show! Thought it would be fun! Now I get to have a chance and play!! WHoohoooo! I pick box number 2 please.


Hi there
I am so happy to join the fun
I choose Box #3


Love this, it is super fun! I take 3 for sure. I hope it brings me luck!

Lisa W

Surprise boxes are the best, it's like Christmas whenever you get one. I pick box #2 since I'm usually indecisive and go for middle ground. lol

Linda B.

Well, the box doesn't look big enough to hold a donkey (but if there is one in there, it sure is wrapped pretty). I will choose box #1 and I'm willing to trade just about anything for it (lipstick, sewing kit...no telling what I'll pull out of my purse). Thanks for the fun giveaway.


i love this game!! i will go with door, i mean box # 3


Becky Layman

Let's Make a Deal was an awesome show...always good for a laugh even when you were down! I'd choose box #3 for my 3 children!

Pamela Bennett

I`ve always been the odd girl out so I will have to pick Box #1, what a fun game, thanks for the chance.


I LOVE let's make a deal!!!! How fun.

Happy New Year!


HOw wonderful, a surprise. I'll pick box #1. Thanks for the chance to win.

Karen Wilson

What a fun way to do the next 3 giveaways!! Hmmm, 1, 2 or 3...which one shall it be??? I choose...


Maryanne B.

This is fun, we get to pick our own prize. Hummm, now which one do I want...1, 2 or 3.
I think I'll pick #3.
Good Luck everyone!!!!


Going by the first is the worst, second's the best third's the one with a hairy chest I'd take box #2.


Hmmm...I think I'll pick box #2. Thanks for the giveaways~

Bobbi Molnar

Number 2 is a great number. That is my choice, of course. Thanks


Oh pick me for box #1. Thanks for the chance to win.


I'd pick box #2. Thanks for the chance to win.


Selecting box #1 for my one and only daughter...crossing my fingers for some crafting fun coming my way!


BOX 2 please and thank you!!


Ok I go for Box 1

Connie Berlin

This is lots of fun...thanks. I'm up for number 3 - 2nd grandchild due in three months.

Shirley Anderson

I love mystery. I pick #2

Jennyfer L.

WOWZY!!! Surprise surprise...Box #3 please.

Good luck everyone:-)

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