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Fabulous layout Emily! And I accept your challenge :)


super fun layout, Emily!


slightly unrelated question-- what are paperbag waist pants?! i'd love to know!

i'm going to have to do some more stitching on my layouts... thanks for the challenge!

Sarah Hodgkinson

Awesome layout, Emily! Hope to see you in Chicago this summer.

emily pitts

qsogirl, paperbag waist pants are pants with a gathered waist, exactly like it would look if you gathered the top of a paper bag. kind of ruffly. see and image here: http://cachexl.theoutnet.com/images/products/30243/30243_in_xl.jpg

Andrea MacDonald

Great layout. I am loving all of these new products!


I will definitely have to try to work in some stitching on some of my l/o's.


Great challenge! And great page too Emily! Thank you!

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