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These are so much fun. Great card. But I really want to see the fabrips- they look fantastic.


I love these new rub-ons! I've pre-ordered a couple and am not-so-patiently waiting for them to ship. :)

Amy H

I LOVE rub-ons! They are so clean and quick, and coming from SC . . . well that's truly fab!!

emily pitts

totally cute card dav! i can't wait to start playing with those rub ons!

Carol Metully

I live for rub-ons. This is a really cute card too!! I'm so glad that Studio Calico went from a kit-club to having their own lines. Kudos to them. Oh, I can never wait till Friday here on SCT.

Lisa J

Rub-ons are one of my fave's!
Great card you made ☺


Oh wow, these are such COOL rub-ons! I love all the stuff SC has released so far... hopefully I'll be able to track some down at a store nearby!

Julie O.

Davinie! I love that tip about the rub-ons! Perfect idea and one I will definitely start using!

And yes.....love all the new stuff by SC!

Shannon L'Heureux

Gorgeous stuff! love the rub ons I have never had any supplies from them but would love to play with it definitley!!!

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