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Very pretty! I love how the glitter adds the perfect touch to the card.


What a fun idea!


what a great idea! you are so creative Virginia.

Jessie F

Great idea and a beautiful card!


Very cool! This technique could be used in so many applications! Thanks very much!! :o)


Very nice & a good excuse to open all those jars of glitter that I've bought!


Hi, I was told not to use the double sided tape in die cut machines, that it would stick them up. Is it really okay.

Donna Rawbone

AWESOME. It looks great.

Danette Munn

Love the rwo tone trick ....thanks.

Virginia Nebel

Hi Darla,

I've used this tape (applied to cardstock and leaving the wax backing of the other side on) without problems through a manual die cutting system. Hope this helps.


I love this! I will definitely have to try it. Thanks for posting!!


I would love to win a a subscription, I am disppointed that I cannot locate this magazine in stores and I look forward to it so much!! By far it has the best and simplest ideas!

Love it (p.s.. I am going to use the frog button idea!! my son has his picture taken with it every month)


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