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Kerry, I wish you a strength and quick healing. I hope this helps end your pain. Many hugs!

Lisa Dickinson

thinking of you kerry! get better soon!

Becky Fleck

Hey Kerry -- many healthy, healing vibes coming your way! The next time we chat, I double dog dare ya to say "anesthesiologist" three times fast. lol

Take care!


Kerry, get well soon!!!! Please!


Sweet Kerry. I am so glad you are finally getting some relief. Rest up, my little pretzel, the straight kind, so that you can get to L.A. in January!


Tanya Rudd

Get well soon Kerry! Love the card, I like how you stitched the pin.


Here's to a speedy recovery!

Kim Jones

Hope you are feeling better soon. Can't wait to have our travelling buddy back to do the show with Catherine and I in January. Take care and know that everyone is thinking of you!!! You will be back before you know it. Thinking of you

Ria Jenkins

Get well Kerry. Sending healing light and thoughts your way.

Aly Dosdall

best wishes for a full and speedy recovery kerry!

Renee J.

Take care, Kerry! 'Wishing you a smooth and complete recovery!!


Speaking as someone who watched a loved one go through two back surgeries within a few months, please take your time to rest and recover so you only have to go through this once! Get well soon, Kerry. <3


Thinking of you Kerry, {{Hugs}}


So glad you are finally getting some relief!! Here's to a textbook recovery :)


Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


Get well soon Kerry! Thinking of you!


Wishing you a speedy, healthy, relaxing recovery!
BTW - LOVE the new issue!!

emily pitts

you are loved more than you'll ever know miss kerry. thank you for all you do. the layout for the article is almost done :) keeping you in my prayers.

Lisa Stanley

I just found you guys yesterday, but I'm adding my heartfelt wishes for a healthy recovery!


Get well fast Kerry!! I've had two back surgeries and they aren't fun, but you will be back to your old self!! Praying for a restful, quick recovery!!


Hope Kerry feels better soon. I've had back surgery so I relate to how she is feeling - ouch!!!

Heather H.

Get well soon Kerry!!! Take care of yourself and give your body the time it needs to heal. Sending prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

Lynn Ghahary

Wishing you the speediest of recoveries Kerry!

Donna Rawbone

Get well soon Kerry. I know what back pain is like so you are lucky to have had surgery to heal your pain. Relax too, you deserve it and need it.


Praying for a quick and total recovery and healing! God bless.

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