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Sam @ Simple Crafter

What a great tutorial! I've featured this project as part of Simple Crafter's Simple Craft Tutorials for this week. :)

  c g

thank you. made this flower in about 5 mins.

Claudia Canny

Awesome. I lost this pattern and it was driving me crazy to find it again. Bookmarked! Best flower out there for baby clothes, without a doubt.


I think you should have explained a little more clearly. I got a little confused when we went to the petals. But other than that i liked the flower. But there is just a suggestion on the next ones that you do.


Thanks so much for the flieer pattern. With your great illustrations and simple instructions I think I can do this! Thanks again.


How do I increase the flower to double the size?

Madi W.

Thank you for such an amazing tutorial! My friend first showed me this when I was learning to crochet (these are the first things I have ever crocheted!!!!) and the first one didn't turn out the best because I just poked the hole in random places but the second time around it was AMAZING! And I have made many more since :)


Sue Smith

Although I'm a beginner - I'm going to give it a go! Thank you.


love it.....!its soooo simple and beautiful...!thank u!


Thank you so much, wonderful tutorial!


hello,my problem is that my teacher told me to do 48 chain stitches and join it through the fourth one.can u help me with it.I dont know how many dc and SC must i do


hi. I am in UK and don't know where you are but I know that the stitches are named differently here to the USA. Can you help me please?


Thank you for sharing this pattern I love it.


these are fabulous, and so easy, and quick! thank you for the tutorial! :)



Loved making these! I just kept making them, now I have a bunch! Any ideas on how to connect them to make a blanket?


i love this flower


Love crocheting my own flowers! TFS this one! :D


It's funny this came up, because for several months now I've been crocheting 5-petal flowers (and a few other motifs) with crochet THREAD in white, cream, variegated, and coordinating colors for friends and bloggers who have sent me blog candy & other goodies that I've won. I *hope* they've been enjoying using them on their scrapbook pages & cards! :) (My 5-petal flower doesn't have the 15 DC ring in the middle, though.)


Thank you for this tutorial !!

Rachel Kendall

These are so cute! I showed the directions to my 9-year-old daughter, who crochets. She's going to give them a try!

Beth W

Fantastic tutorial-thank you so much.I;m going to find my crochet hooks and give it a try.

Michelle Johnson

I just learned how to make these flowers this past summer, I made a ton. Never thought to use them on my pages or cards. I am so excited. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome idea. :)

Shirley Jackson

These are beautiful flowers and they are easy to make I've been crocheting since I was 13 years old and never thought of using Crochet flowers on a project. I will try it on Scrapbooking page or Card I make in the future. Thank you for the idea.

Rachel Kendall

She just finished! It looks great!


Are these American stitches or UK?

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