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Linda Wilcott

Scrapbooking IS my creative getaway! It gives me something to look forward to. It so totally absorbs me when I'm working on a project that I forget all my worries. It's a major contributer to my good mental health.

Ann "The Scrapbooking Housewife"

What a fantastic give-away!! Thank you for the opportunity!! Scrapbooking has provided me with a huge creative outlet and a way to preserve our family memories. My daughter just loves to look through my scrapbooks and read all of the stories; and I hope one day my son will do the same. One day they will be theirs to pass down to their kids.

Amy Coose

Wow, what an amazing giveaway!!! I started scrapping so I wouldn't forget all the little moments, that really make up our lives.

Heather Gorhan

Scrapbooking has made me enjoy the little things and it has helped me to remember things about my children that I would have forgotten. What a great giveaway!! THanks!!


What a prize to win. I love Bazzill. Scrapbooking is my "take me away Calgon" time.


Holy wow! That's amazing! Hopefully I'll get to attend one, but for now this is just a good!


Scrapbooking has made a difference in my depression. I am able to see how many blessings I have, and also have a creative outlet.


Oh my gosh! Wow! That would be an amazing prize to win! Thanks for the chance!

Rachel W.

Scrapbooking has given me an opportunity to celebrate the important times in my life. Often special moments are forgotten, scrapbooking gives me a chance to relive those moments and celebrate the accomplishments of my family


scrapbooking has given me a creative outlet that lets me be artistic while at the same time preserving moments for my family that i don't ever want to forget!

what a generous giveaway!

Angela R



Fabulous giveaway - what a wonderful opportunity!

Mary Chong

WOW - I know a few people who have attended prior "escapes" and I was sooo jealous. Scrapbooking has brought a new group of friends, creative outlet and has allowed me to grow as a person - so much so that I teach at my LSS!! I can't even remember life before I found scrapbooking!

Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala

I get to relive beautiful moments from my life with my friends and family, remember those who have gone, and watch my 17-year-old daughter show my mini books to her friends in my living room and listen while they ooh and aah over how cute my kids were when they were little and how beautiful they are now. Last, but not least, I love the creative outlet.

Melissa Kennedy

Scrapbooking has given me a creative outlet. As a Mom to two small children, I rarely get to complete any project from start to finish, never mind one that uses so much of my energy. Having this outlet once the kids are all tucked safe in their beds keeps me sane!!


let's see...I take way more pictures (and better ones, I hope), spend way more money on paper than anyone would ever think is possible, have shelves dedicated to the hobby...oh, and I am so happy that I am leaving something for my dd to remember her childhood.

Camila Borssoi

I started scrapbooking because i love pictures, what a wonderful way to take photography to the next level. Today i find in scrapbooking nice friends and a way to feel better, express myself. hope to win!


ALthough I still take WAY more photos than I use (one day...one day...), the art of scrapbooking has opened a creative outlet for me to share with my family and a legacy of artwork that was made by my hands.

I have met fabulously talented people and am thankful for their friendship, advice and constructive conversation that helps to make my projects bigger, better and more spectacular!

Guess what? I will dive into the goody bag head first and you may not see me til 2011!

Ally White

Wow! This is a seriously generous giveaway!! I so wish i could have been there. My fingers are crossed for this yummy box of goodies to come my way. I will give these products a good home. I promise :) Hee Hee

Debbie Lea

Awesome and exciting prize! Scrapbooking is definitely a great way to relieve stress, and is a great opportunity to be creative. I have enjoyed growing with this hobby.

Chandra Barrier

Wow... scrapbooking has been my saving grace throughout much of my life! I lost my only brother when he was only 16 years old, so I turned to scrapbooking to keep his memory alive. He suffered with a rare form of brain cancer, but instead of sitting around, he went to a cancer camp for kids to share his uplifting message. I also followed in his footsteps to the same camp and helped the kids put together scrapbooks for their family :) It is because of the hope he brought to my life that I turned to scrapbooking... and I have never looked back!! If I win, I plan to use the amazing materials to continue sharing his message, "we are never promised tomorrow." Thanks for reading my post :)

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