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Scrapbooking helped to fill my days during a lengthy, serious illness, when I had no energy and no purpose. When depression threatened to overtake, it gave me hope and distracted me in a positive way. It gave me motivation to get up, see what there was to take a gorgeous photo of and then left me planning how I could creatively capture it on paper. Now, it is simply a necessary part of each and every day and has allowed my creative spirit to blossom.


Scrapbooking reminds me of the good times - the times we work so hard to live for. It gives me optimism. It gives me creative balance to my geeky daytime job. It is a part of my life. How can how I say how it's effected it when it's simply a part of me?


Scrapbooking allows me to go through negative situations because I can concentrate on the positive aspectS of creating something nice.



I would love the giveaway!!!! Thanks for the chance to win the great prize!


Scrapbooking has been a great distraction when I feel stressed, an excuse to get together with the girls for the day, and a great way to capture those special moments in my life. I have always been one to keep little momentos of important or fun events in my life and scrapbooking has given me a way to store all of those items in a way that they are looked at rather than collecting dust in a box somewhere. It gives me the chance to express my creativity as my daily job does not.

Jeannette R.

Scrapbooking definitely calms me down when I'm feeling overwhelmed and I feel alive again. I love feeling creative and this is what I need when I start to get down on myself! Amazing package and I would just be speechless if I were to win, which is rare...lol! Thank you!


I started scrapbooking because my neighbour kept inviting me to all kinds of parties, Pampered chef, tupperwear etc,,,, finally she had a Creative memories party and I had a four month old,,,,need I say more.... we've come a long way baby!

Jean Marmo

Scrapping is a way for me to share my memories with my kids. What a wonderful giveaway!

Thank you for a chance to win.


Amy H

Scrapbooking has brought so many things to my life. It's brought new friendships with other scrappers. On a daily basis it soothes my need for a creative outlet. And for the long-term, I'm documenting a legacy for my kids, which I think will be treasured for many years, and that I think is what I am proudest of.

Rita Timmons

Scrapbooking gives me time to savor the special moments in my life. As I go thru photos, debate how I want to make a page and decide what story I want to tell... i get to relive the best moments of my life!

Cindy Matias

Scrapbooking is a lovely reflection of life and what we have done. My son, who is eleven, gets a real kick out of looking at pictures past. Especially the ones of when is was a baby and toddler. I think it is important to leave this leagacy for our kids.

Melissa B.

What a aewsome prize! Scrapbooking have made a huge change in my life, one of the biggest ones is being able to share mt "skills" with otheres for gifts for weddings, babies and trying to get other people interested in the hobby as well. I have made some great new friends I would of never met too! which is amzing, I love preserving and sharing my books with other people as well! Best of all my almost 9 year daughter is getting to love it to giving us quality time togther!

silvia haynes

Wow!! Creative Escape sounds like a fabulous time!!

Vickie Kipp

Scrapbooking has made a difference in my life big time! After scrapping several years with a great group of ladies who loved my pages, I started selling my scrapbooking pages on Ebay in 2003 and a few years later on Etsy. I met lots of online friends and now regularly scrapbook for six of them! In 2003 I also retired from a job that wasn't much fun and have continued to scrapbook full time. It is great to get up everyday and go to my studio and make pages all day and have fun and be happy! But...I would love to go to Creative Escape someday so this would be the next best thing to being there!

Donna U

I love everything about scrapbooking whether it is at a crop or in my space or on-line. There is never a boring moment, whether it is scrapping or reading or surfing or shopping, it's all play!


Well, scrapbooking didn't start out as a "happy" hobby for me. After leaving an incredibly difficult marriage, I would not sleep for days on end from the stress. I started scrapbooking to keep my hands & mind occupied. Luckily, several years and a lot of faith later and it has morphed into a wonderful crafting bonanza for me!!!


Wow what a giveaway! Scrapbooking has enriched my world through the many friends I have made worldwide that share my passion. The scrapping community is full of amazing artists who are so willing to share their talent and inspiration. It's truly amazing.


I have made some amazing online friends, from as far away as Australia, through scrapbooking messageboards. I was introduced to cardmaking by one of these friends, and now my family and friends expect a handmade card from me for all their special occasions. Scrapbooking allows me to be creative and try new techniques. I love making gifts for all sorts of occasions too.


would love some super creative goodness. pick this scrappy girl !!!!

Kari M

Oh my gosh that is so amazing. Scrapbooking for me helps me remember the little things about my family that I might have otherwise forgotten. Like what my oldest used to call her paci and her blanket. Or what happended when my DH tried to fix Oldest's hair for the first time. LOL at that one. My yougests many names for her blanket before she could say blanket. All these memories mean so much to me and now I won't forget them.


Wow, I sure would love that kit too. What scrapbooking has given me, is the chance to meet new people and it has helped me to give my children there life story as it happens. I have very few pictures or memories of myself growing up, so this is my way of giving back to my children. It has also helped me to get through and understand hard times in my life.

Carole Stirrat

Oh Holy Moly! I could so use a creative escape! To me scrapbooking has meant learning to see the bigger picture in life and to cherish and be more conscious of our day to day memories. It's also the ultimate creative therapy for me!!


In May 2008 I got a S&CT newsletter and it mentioned a woman with cancer whose youngest child didn't have any scrapbooks because she had been too sick to scrap. To make a VERY long story short, it touched me and I wanted to help. I got in touch with Anita in June 2008. I told her that I wanted to make her a scrapbook. She loved the idea and sent me 140 photos! My scrapbooker friends scattered across the USA agreed to make pages. I sent them her photos and they sent me back pages for her scrapbook! Then I wanted to do MORE. I had this desire to meet Anita in person and put this book into her hands myself. So my friends helped me AGAIN. They donated cash & products, promoted the auctions, and 1 of them made the trip with me. In March 2009 I drove from Illinois to Canada. It’s an experience I will never forget, and I will always be grateful to the people that helped. It's so crazy, how I read a story and got a tiny idea in my head that ended up being a really huge idea and then it HAPPENED.

The journey was wonderful and overwhelming and heartbreaking and fantastic and life changing. It's impossible to explain, really. Anita lost her battle with breast cancer on February 5, 2010. That just made the whole thing more meaningful. I am passionate about scrapbooking because I love to tell and record stories, and Anita will always be a part of my story.


scrapbooking is a part of my life and gives me the oppurtonity to express myself.

Jennyfer L.

Scrapbooking is my "scapegoat"! Without it, I would have been in depression today especially after the birth of my first child. It has helped me move on and now I am blessed to have a second child in life. I have also been able to find some peace and now I know whenever I need a "fix", my craft room is always there to help me. Through this, I have been able to find new friends who share my passion and also this wonderful magazine called Scrapbook & cards today!
thank you

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