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You have the most amazing give-aways! THANKS!
Scrapbooking has brought a sense of peace to my life. After Dad passed away it became so important to our family to maintain our memories and a desire to create new ones. We know that Dad will always be a part of our kids' lives.

Veronica M.

Great giveaway! Scrapbooking has helped me to be creative and gives me some me time, as well as helping to showcase all the bagillions of photos I take.

Laurel S

Wow what a giveaway! Scrapbooking is my down time after a busy day and it makes me feel good that I am recording our family's history and journey.


Scrapbooking helped me transition into retirement. I has kept me in touch with ex-colleagues who liked to scrap and I have made new friends in the scrappy world. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a SUPER prize!

Sandi Weaver

Terrific give away...would LOVE to win it!
Scrapbooking has brought me a new assortment of friends that work well together all day every Wednesday AND a history of our family that otherwise would not have been preserved!

Ruth in OZ

Scrapbooking took me from a high pressure job in an emotionally charged environment to a wonderful world of paper and art, fantastic teachers, awesome customers and caring people with a true love of life and the legacy they wish to leave behind. I have travelled to the USA, met old friends, made lots of new ones and have found a peace that is beyond words.


Scrapbooking has gotten me to write down the stories I want to tell my son---things that otherwise would probably never be said.

Great giveaway!


Scrapbooking for me is as much as the actual scrapbooking albums and projects but also the social network that comes along with it. Some of my best friends are people I've met through the scrapbooking world.

GREAT Giveaway - I'm a scrapbook advisor for a high school group and this would be a great contribution to their supplies.

Jacqueline N

Wowzers...what a prize! Scrapbooking for me has provided an opportunity to remember moments, reflect on all my blessings and express myself creatively. And it is a great excuse to go shopping too! Love this hobby!

Shelley P.

Scrapbooking started as a "me time" to focus on the positive, good things in life and distract myself from my stressful job. It also helped me to relive memories of my good life.


sounds like an awesome prize, scrapbooking has given me something to do during a long term illness.

 Arlene B.

Scrapbooking has given so much to not only my life, but also to the rest of my family. It has given us family time, I have spent time scapping with my daughter and daughter in laws, what a wonderful way to spend time together in today's busy world. It also lets me record the family stories of our past of not only my life but of those that came before and then share them with my siblings. One of the most precious things it has been to me was to help me grieve the death of a precious grand daughter to SIDS, it helped me heal and move forward again. Thank you for your wonderful publication and blog, it is inspiring to me.

April W

Wow, very cool! Scrapbooking has made a huge difference in my life. I've always had a passion for photography and now that I'm a scrapbooker, it gives me an outlet to put my wonderful pictures with a story and create a memory. It gives the person looking at my pictures a feeling to go along with it. It gives me the chance to capture moments for my girls to remember later on, when I may not be around to tell them what was happening in the pictures I took. It gives new meaning to our lives and I'm so thankful that I found this amazing hobby...
- April W

Nicole Patterson

Scrapbooking for me - is being able to leave a history of moments. My Grand kids are small, and I'm able to give little pieces of our life history to them. I can give Great Gramma's have a "traveling road show" of their littl'ns - this is what I love about scrapbooking, giving to others!!!!! To say nothing of the Adult play factor of colour and glue and the glories of a great scrap mess wow. Thank you


Scrapbooking has made me a better photographer - now I focus more on taking the pictures I need to tell the story, not just any pictures. I take fewer pics, but they're better quality!


Enormous! Wouldn't it be fun to have to use it for the many layouts I haven't completed yet.....


wow...great giveaway.

Scrapbooking has given me a whole new circle of wonderful friends. Never would have met them otherwise.


This sounds like such an incredible event! Scrapbooking has led me into the world of art, a world I never would have known to be a place where I fit so well had I not started creating fabulous pages with my photos. I can't even imagine my life without art now and it is all because of scrapbooking!

Kim Ross

Scrapbooking has made a lot of changes for my life... it's been a job, it's been a hobby... but most importantly, it has introduced me to some wonderful friends! :)

Thanks for the chance to win such a magnificent prize!

Denise T

To attend Creative Escape is my dream and winning a prize package from it would be WONDERFUL! Scrapbooking is my creative outlet that helps me relax in addition to creating gifts for others and record my memories.

Erica Hettwer

Scrapping has introduced me to some wonderful friends and helped me to remember all the precious little moments in my children's lives.


Incredible prize. Sounds like a wonderful event. The difference it has made not only includes some of the best friends I have made but it has given me a sense that I do have some artistic talent. It has also allowed me to express visually to my family the love I have for them.


Scrapbooking has made me some wonderful friends that I never would have met without our awesome hobby!!

Cheryl Guy

I have always loved crafting of all kinds,but scrapbooking gives me a chance to leave some wonderful memories for my son who's 18 now. He still loves going through all of our photos with me.I've also made a lot of friends I probably never would have if not for our shared interest in all things scrapping! Okay, I'll quit blabbing now! Please pick me?!? Thank you...

Janice Macfarlane

Scrapbooking has given me a way to preserve family history for future generations and a way for me to relive happy moments of the past. It has also given me a creative outlet like no other hobby has. I just love it!

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