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Tanya Rudd

Scrapbooking has allowed me to get in touch with my inner self. It sounds funny, but after having my children, I lost a big sense of self. Taking 2 hours to mysefl to create a page really helps after a long day, and it allows me to set my children up with some homemade layouts for their memory trunks. Win/win situation.

Thanks for asking.


Scrapbooking has given me something to look forward to in life. It lets me take my mind off my problems.


Scrapbooking has given me an opportunity to express my creative side, make new friends and share my hobby with family.

Katherine Bolinger

Scrapbooking brought my bff and I together and continues to be the best way to spend our girls only time.


Wow, that is an incredible giveaway! Scrapbooking changed my life by giving me a hobby...didn't have one before and having a hobby can really save things sometimes!


Wow what an amazing prize. Would love to win. Scrapbooking given me a way of preserving memories for myself and my family. It is a great way to relive to memories for years to come.

Sarah Giles

Wow, what a great prize! Scrapbooking has given me opportunities to be creative ... and a dent in my bank account! :D

Helen M

Can I pick 2 things - some great friendships and the occasional quality 'me' time with the chance to unwind and relax

heather garl

Scrapbooking has given my a way to express my creative side! I love that I can relax and create memories that my kids will enjoy. It's so much more memorable having the story with the photos!


I can't even image winning such an amazing giveaway! It's going to blow someone's mind!!!!! Scrapbooking has played a huge part of my life. I suffer from depression. I've found through the years that throwing myself into my scrapbooking room (whether I feel like it or not) really improves my mood. I'm not sure if it's the creativity aspect, looking at all the pictures of my beautiful children, or just the fun of concentrating on beautiful papers and embellies. Whatever it is, scrapbooking is something that is very important in my life.


For me, scrapbooking and card making is an escape from all the chores and running around.


WOW!!! I would love to win this one!!! Scrapbooing has turned my boring life into an exciting one! It also makes my pictures more exciting!


Such a fabulous giveaway!!
Scrapbooking has made a difference in my life in so many ways .... it is my go to hobby when I need/want 'me' time, I love that I try to see a memory in every single thing that happens in daily life ~ and i love that I have the scrapbooks to look back at & remember the little things that sometimes fade from an aging memory:) It makes me realize that I am a lucky girl :)
Thanks for the great chance :)

Katelyn G

This is an awesome prize. Thank you for including us in events that we aren't able to attend. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Wow! what a prize! Thanks for the opportunity to win it! Scrapbooking has changed my life because it has given me a creative outlet, it's raised my self esteem as I've been asked to be on design teams and won challenges, and it has given me a great way to document my life and the lives of my children and family around me! I Love it!!


Scrapbooking has allowed me to make so many wonderful friends! I moved across the country in 2009 and had a hard time meeting people until I started attending crops at the local churches. I met wonderful women at all these crops. It was a way to ground me into the community without me even realizing it. The crops were where I learned about what was going on in town, the best places to eat, the cutest shops I hadn't heard of, and where I could apply to substitute teach. Before moving here, scrapbooking had been a means of corralling my photos, then a means of creative expression. But now, it's a lifestyle for me. It's a whole world, and I love it!


I hope I get lucky!


Scrapbooking is my life. It kept me going through my Cancer battle. I scrapped in my up days and even tho I wasn't feeling the greatest I was able to putter at my desk and at the end of a week, I would have a project done. The photos gave me an escape from the treatment. I re lived the HAPPY MOMENTS. This gave me a reason to keep positive and fight. I am happy to say I am now a 3 year survivor. I now have a beautiful GRANDDAUGHTER and I scrap her pictures almost everyday. She has truly brought new JOY into my life. I also want to add that I made cards for our troops when I was doing my Chemo treatment. Scrapping and cardmaking diverted my attention to the positive side of being ill. SCRAPBOOKING IS MY TRUE PASSION!


WOW - that is one amazing give away!!
Scrapbooking has changed my life in many ways, but in particular, it has has given me a creative outlet. I have been able to express my inner creativity through scrapbooking!

Laney Holloway

Awesome giveaway, scrapbooking has changed my life by allowing me to not only record my family history but I have met so many wonderful scrappers along the way and introduced my daughter to it so we have a common hobby. It has just been a wonderful crafting hobby for me.

Ryan Ann

Scrapbook has given me a creative outlet as well as many close friends that I would not have had without it! :D Thanks for the chance to win!


It has brought out a creative side in me that I didn't realize was in there and it's been fun discovering it :)


Oh please let it be me.......I've only been scrapping for 3 years (??? I think) but love that it gives me a chance to feel artistic without actually having to be artistic. And who doesn't love cutting and glueing and stickers and pictures and all that fun stuff!!!

Mary Kay

Oh, wow-- what an amazing giveaway! That would be creative nirvana.

rebecca keppel

Wow, what an amazing prize!! I couldnt afford Creative Escape this year (and probably not next year either) so thanks for the chance to win such an amazing package!

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