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Jenny Moore

What makes me happy? Lots of things! :) But, besides my wonderful family, I gotta say that sleeping in and new scrap supplies are up there on the list!;)

Laura T.

I'm happy because it's Friday and the weather this weekend is supposed to be crisp, but beautiful. Hope to do some yard sale shopping.

Nancy L

My family being healthy and happy!!

Angela Weinzierl

My family, scrapbooking, and my faith all make me happy!

Lara Carson

I am happy most of the time...My family makes me happy, my job makes me happy, the beauty of fall makes me happy (eventhough winter is coming)...


Happy? I am not happy right now, as my mom is hospitalized. Hope she get well soon!!...


My life makes me happy . . . and the color yellow!


Knowing that my son will be born very soon makes me very happy (except for that whole being born process ;)!

Kelly Massman

My family makes me happy! Thanks!

Andi Sexton

I am so happy that our Fall has been so warm! September scared us with below freezing temps, and the last 2 weeks have been heaven! Nice warm days:)

LOVE the new core-dinations happy papers!


So much fun stuff! Congratulations to the winners!!! These papers are super fun!


My family makes me happy.


I love it when my kids set a goal and achieve it!


what makes me happy? sunshine and being in my dream job :)


What makes me happy? Clean sheets. Sunshine. Coffee. Running. Color. Friends. Hooded sweatshirts. All sorts of things!

April W

Fall makes me happy. :) Cooler temps, colorful leaves, excitement for the coming Holidays...there's nothing like it!
- April W

Glenda J

My hubby, my friends, my crafts and the sunshine make me happy!


waking up to see all the faces of the ones I love.


finally being cool enough to start my morning with a cup of hot tea with honey makes me very happy!


Life makes me happy. Life is good. :)


Life in general makes me happy but a bright warm sunny day where everything goes right makes me even happier. I would be very happy to win the new happy papers!

Angela C.

Watching my 3-year old son dancing to the Mission Impossible theme song makes me happy. In fact, it was hilarious!

Jena Baker

Looking forward to spending some quality time with my family makes me very, very happy!


Family is what makes me most happy and spending quality time with them. My cardmaking gives me great pleasure and I am happy to see the joy on the faces of the people I give them to. Stacy Julian's, Happy Colors Collection would make me very happy.


What makes me happy is seeing my kids laugh, and play together. Nothing beats a child's laugh. Thanks for the opportunity!

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