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Allison M.

I love Becky's Page Maps - they have helped me break through my scrappers block!


OK, this week there was a guy who was hand-cuffed to a chair for 24hs for 2 Leaf tickets (front-row) on a radio station in Toronto. I think I could stay easily 48hours like that to get my greedy hands on that book!!!

Megan Hawkins

I don't remember the last time I scrapped without a sketch! I love Becky's sketches, and I would love to have this new book!


I cannot scrap without a sketch and it would be amazing to win Becky's new book. I love her sketches. Thanks for the chance to win!

Blair Moch

That book would be a fabulous resource! Thanks for the chance to win!!


How much do I need this book? I need it "to the moon and back". I need it "forever, I [need] it for always". "I think I [need it], I think I [need it], I know I [need it], I KNOW [need it]".


I want this book so bad!!!! My love affair w/ sketches has turned into using one for everything I make!!! Why reinvent the wheel? Please pick me :)


Would love to have this book of hers ! I print off her monthly sketches but to have it all in a book would be fabulous !

Angela Fehr

I love Becky's PageMaps and would love to have them all at my fingertips! I find they are great when I am introducing my friends to scrapbooking as well - helps new scrappers to not feel so lost!


What a great resource! Love Becky's PageMaps!


Me...Me...Me...I would love to have that book in my hot little hands:) Thanks so much for the chance to win!

C Serry

This would be a fantastic tool to have in my arsenal - I gave the first book to my sister, and if I had this one, we would be well armed when we scrap.


Becky's PageMaps are a definite must have in any scraproom!! I've had the pleasure of meeting her at an event in New Brunswick a few years ago and have been using her sketches ever since. Thanks Becky, in helping us scrapbookers not having to re-invent the wheel. We always have a place to start with PageMaps. YAHOO!


Oh I would love a copy of this book! So often I sit at my desk and stare at my pictures trying to figure out how to place them. I end up using the same arrangement all the time, so this sketchbook would be great to break me out of that rut!

Candace Robichaud

Oh this would help me with scrappers block which seems to be coming frequently lately. It would totally spice up my pages and cards!!!


The book looks great! Thanks for the chance to win!


I ALWAYS use sketches when I scrap. So, I REALLY need this! =)


I would LOVE to have this book in my hands! I use sketches ALL the time, and I love Becky's ideas. I hope you pick me!!
Thanks for the chance! :)

lynda p

wow this little treasure would be a very welcomed addition to my hot lil creating hands. i love to follow sketches...like how you can just tweek them just right to your style and flavor.

nice giveaway. thnx


As a new paper scrapbooker (I was all digital for a couple years), I would so love to have this book!

Gracie Tan

Oh wow this is such a cool giveaway. I always visit the Page Maps blog for inspiration. Having this book would be very useful especially during those days when I really want to scrap but don't know how to start. Sketches can really help me a lot during those mojo-less days.=)

Kathy (krolski)

I would sooooo love to have this book. I love the 1st PageMaps book!

Janet Mackay

I love PageMaps. They really help me feel more confident when I'm trying to scrap.

Tanya Rudd

The first page maps book was amazing, I don't doubt the second one will be even more wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving. Fabulous turkey on that card.

Carole RB

This book would be a wonderful resource! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

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