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Margy Eastman

Thanks for featuring my layout, Davinie! This has been such a fun challenge, and it's helped me assemble the annual photobook for the grandparents. The pages are simpler, but I just lift my journaling from these pages and the work's half done!

Congrats on your prizes, Jennifer and Lisa!

Andi Sexton

Congratulations Margy!!! I loved that layout when I went through the submissions as well...awesome job!

So glad December's sketch has lots and lots of photos!!!! Can't believe it's almost December! Crazy!!!!!

Lisa Spiegel

Thanks, Davinie, for picking my name! So excited!


Love yours Davinie and LOVE Margy's as well.


I love the stitching on your layout, Davinie! Thanks so much for providing this for us all!! I love my 10 layouts so far and am feeling much less overwhelmed by all that I feel I need to scrap :)

Kathy Martin

These layouts are fantastic!

Donna Rawbone

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. It sure helps with my scrap booking.

tami white

Ohh YIPEEE the best part of this post was the news that you are going to continue for next year-WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Andrea MacDonald

Great layouts!!! Love the December sketch.
Just so you know I have sent 3 emails to ideas@scrapbookandcards.com with my info (I won September the Pagemaps 2 book) and have not heard from anyone. I also posted a note on facebook.


We are looking into it Andrea! Will get an answer to you on this from our shipping dept.



Wow, I'm done! I just finished 2009 if I keep this up I might actually catch up to all the backdated photos!
Thanks for these great layouts!

Jill Dinkel


I'm way early on this one! But, I have SO many pictures this month, I figured I would get a head start :)


I'm all done on Project 12 for 2010 just need to do myself a title/introduction page and a summary at the end. Here are my Oct, Nov & Dec layouts.



Phew, here is my last one for 2010 - I have really enjoyed documenting my year and I am really pelased with the result. I now just need to create a title page and think about 2011!


O dear my links are dissapearing from the post above, trying again, 2 differe links to see which one will work





Here's my December page! Yeah - I did all 12 (even if I didn't get them all on time... :-))


Mary (Happy Now)

And here are my final two 2010 layouts! Yay!!



Thanks so much! Looking forward to this for 2011 as well!


Here is my last layout for Project 12. I am looking forward to 2011 as well. I can't believe we are at the end of one year already. This is my layout.


Thanks for the great sketch. I am jumping into the project when it was almost over, but I am looking forward to the sketches for Project 12 2011! Here is my layout for the December sketch.

Stephanie Eaken

That tool looks fabulous! HEre is my layout:


This was an awesome layout. Had alot of fun with it. Looking forward to another year of wonderful sketches. Here is my December LO http://cardwithd.blogspot.com/2011/01/project-12-december.html


Here is my December:


So happy I did this. I looked back through all of the LOs for the year today and had a giggle about some of the pictures and stories we had. Thanks!

Cherie Nymeyer

Glad I was finally able to participate! Hope to every month in 2011.

Here's my December layout:



So happy to have finished my December page - and a whole year documented in one album. This was/is fantastic!
December's page: http://roslyn-thebendintheroad.blogspot.com/2011/01/project-12-december-2010.html


Just love, love, love having a year in review project completed! Thanks for all the great inspiration!

Here's my December layout:


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