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Heather DG

Georgeous cards!!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!
Why could it be i*rock!?! ;)


beautiful cards! Could it be I-rock?

Penny Douphinett

Beautiful cards ladies!

Melissa D.

Very pretty! Perhaps Imaginisce i-top tomorrow??

Steffanie S.

All the cards are beautiful but I am so in love with Lea's winter card! You're right---it does look like a mug of hoto cocoa should be sitting next to it! Thanks for sharing!

Connie C

Hooray! Cards! Love them all, but perhaps am a bit partial to Charity's work with the Fancy Pants Love Birds. Great work on that one!

Amy K

Love the valentines, especially the vintage bicycle.
I'm guessing it's an I-top....


Gorgeous cards! I love them all, but I am partial to the one in the middle. I can't resist that awesome bicycle! :-D Tomorrow...it's got to be imaginisce. LOVE THEM! :-D

Chelle K

HMMM Imaginisce would be my guess. Valentines cards...I rarely make those. I may have to give it a try this year.


Hmmmmmmm.....I'm guessing Imaginisce...maybe an i-rock or i-top or better yet both. Beautiful cards.


Such pretty, pretty cards! I love to see what people are creating! Thank you for sharing! :o)


love these cards, thanks for sharing

tammy kist

love my I-Rock...looking forward to seeing tomorrow's post!

Summer Braxton

Its gotta be imaginisce


sounds like i rock to me, i hope so!!


what am i saying i got so excited, i named the product and not the company....imaginisce!

Janet Sisk

Love seeing cards! YAY! And I bet tomorrow will be featuring the "irock" product. :D

Shelley P.

I am imagining it is IMAGINISCE! Can't wait to see it :-)

Andi Sexton

LOVE the cards!!!!! And, you bet I'll send a Valentines' Day card to Scrapbook and Cards Today!!!

Yep.. I'm with all those other Imaginisce guesses as well.


I absolutely love that winter card! It defiently makes me think of hot chocolate. I ROCK TOMORROW- YIPPEE!

Carol M.

What a bevy of beauties!!! Thank you so much for listening to what we say!! Like I said before, I've always loved the schedule you've had..but for some reason, it seems to be playing out more!!

Can't wait for tomorrow. I LOVE Freebie FRridays!! I haven't won yet..but maybe..just maybe, one of the Fridays, my name will appear!!

Karen hornsten

More endless ideas displayed in beautiful ways. Such talent.

Janet Zeppa

It has to be Imaginisce!


Lovely cards, would love to see MORE.

ellen s

super cute, ladies!

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